Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weigh in and more playing with food

First weigh in news.

Me- up 2.2
Hubby lost 1.6
son up 1.8

Two factors- birthday celebration and I think I may be allergic to nuts. I went through a period of time where if I ate them my throat would swell up, and suddenly it disappeared. However, this morning I was reminded that allergic reactions manifest in different ways, one of them being swellings in the body . I have been having both a seed nut mix and peanut butter with my morning oatmeal mix , and perhaps that is the culprit. We were eating the same seed nut mix in salads as well. I love nuts, and I really missed them in my diet ( the taste, the essential fatty acids and more). Once the allergy "disappeared", I included them often. Perhaps I was wrong.

Anyway, here is another example of playing with food- the psanky. I make these every year, more out of a personal satisfaction thing than because of being good at it. I did not thing I would get to make them this year, but after school yesterday I stole some time from the day and life to sit down and make a few. I don't know if I will make any more this year, but at least I did a few !

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