Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sore and blind sided

Feeling sort of physically sore and a little blindsided this morning. Yesterday was a very good say in regards to eating and exercise. I did Wii fit in the morning for 20 minutes ( I love Megatroid- she says I am 34 when I am actually 50), then out for a walk, then played Wii Tennis, bowling and bags with my son in the afternoon, and then got a short walk with my hubby after dinner. My thigh muscles must have reverted to their former toast condition quickly , because they were feeling like lead by evening's end . I think watching Biggest Loser while sore from your own workouts is a respectable activity.

Eating has gone well. No soda, no coffee, and really loving the alternative drinks I have chosen. Water with lemon is very thirst quenching , plus an extra vitamin C hit during this time when flu threatens. Green Tea is nice as well as another tea, nettle. It is not as common of a drink in this country as it is in Europe, and it is a shame. Nettles help to nourish your adrenal glands, provide iron to your body and do a host of other good things. For women in peri and full menopause, it is a very good herb to make friends with.
Meals were good as well

Breakfast was my good friend pumpkin oats with 2 T ground flax, 1 T Gogi berries ( helps your liver) 4 dried figs chopped ( sweet, and fiber boost as well as vitamins and minerals)1 T wheat bran ( to thicken as well as add fiber, 1 T coconut for sweetening and good fat ( for thyroid) and 1 tsp olive oil. With it I also had an orange, Yo plus Digestive Yogert , lemon water and green tea. Yum !

Lunch was another favorite here- an Arnolds Thin Sandwich bun with turkey breas and baby swiss accompanied by All Bran crackers, celery, carrots, an apple and more Yo Plus. Nettle tea to wash it down - very smooth flavor. By the way, nettles are those stinging nettles that you brush against and get red welts. The ouch comes from fine hairs that the plant is covered with that dissapear when the plant is dried. Nettle looks kind of stressed when it is in full bloom, which gives a clue as to what it is good for.

Dinner was simple and delicious- crocpot turkey black bean chili over brown rice. Take a pound of ground turkey and brown it with a large yellow onion and dump it in a crock pot. Add 2 cups cooked butternut squash, a can of black beans rinsed, a large jar of your favorite salsa and 3 T Hersheys dark cocoa powder. Chocolate in chili ? You bet. Chocolate combined with almost any member of the pepper family has a synergistic affect that serves to give you a little lift as well as a really richer tasting chili. It's a real yum ! I seved it over brown rice to make it very filling with lemon water on the side.

In the afternoon I had done two more webinars as part of the EFT world summit ( Emotional Freedom Technique) and they were about uncovering what you truely value and reaching your goals. I chose to focus on my weight loss journey as a goal and I did the exercises. I am finding that EFT does not deliver instantanious results, which is why many belive it does not work. However, the work you do will come to manifest in your mind , or take root, at the time you let your guard down so to speak. During your sleep. It was aided by a discussion hubby and I were having about being overweight during the show. My hubby is my best girlfriend along with being a wonderful husband. I can and have talked about absolutely anything with him under the sun and he listens, thinks and helps me to do so rather than jump in to solve things for me.Through these events my mind connected the dots and I have come to realize that I am still dealing with an ancient "head tape" that was given to me in childhood, but manifested in a totally different way. While it is no longer causing me to eat for emotional reasons, it may be causing my subconcious mind to work hard to manifest an erronious belif about myself as a result. Didn't see that one coming, and if it is a factor, Damn, I am good at self sabotage ! I may be a total genius in that area. Sadly, ,the world does not offer career opportunities at this time for that kind of genius, and it harms me so I will have to lose that behavior. But what a powerful reminder of how potent this grey wrinkly organ between our ears really is !


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

What a great eating day! That chili looks delicious :)

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge! I really enjoy reading and learning new things from you.

It just so happens that I have some Nettle tea in my pantry. I don't remember why I bought it. Maybe it was the adrenal thing; for a while I have suspected that my adrenals may be exhausted, so maybe I read that and bought it!

I practiced EFT for a while. I felt a little silly doing the tapping part and my husband thought I was ridiculous (he's not into "new" things -lol). But, I always felt it had merit to it and I did see it work for me during a particularly stressful dental issue. I was able to have my pain go away for long periods of time. I would love to use EFT for my emotional/stress eating. I need to get that under control!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

EFT has an unlimited variety of applications ! I stumbled onto it a couple of years back while trying to find some alternative help for my son with Autism. I came across an energy medicine technique called The Wayne Cook Posture that helped to get through to him when he went into meltdown mode. From there i learned the tapping technique and started experimenting with it in my reiki work. It is very powerful stuff . Seems that the most tricky part is framing your set up statement before beginning the tapping, and with things like weight loss it can be tricky to get to the root cause. Persistence is definitely called for with this kind of application, and it works in a rather back door way to become affective. I plan on using the technique a lot more on myself along with the mundane moves of diet and exercise. I guess i am just proving to be as stubborn in my attempt as the pounds have been at staying !