Friday, April 3, 2009

Schools Out !!!

We finished up early today so that we could jump fully into spring break . It has been a long stretch of school, or at least it is the way it feels, and we are both very eager for a two week break.

Son was looking for lunch a little earlier than usual today, partially out of a desire to have All Bran crackers and laughing cow cheese again. It is so funny to me. Before our weight loss journey he really did not like crackers of any kind because they are crunchy and rough feeling to his tongue. Now his texture issues have almost completely displeasure, and he has become very adventurous with regards to food and textures. Now , not only are plain crackers okay, but he really raves the grainy, whole grain sorts. All Bran, Wasa,rye krisp and so much more.

lentil soup, All Bran herb crackers, Laughing cow lite
apple, Yo Plus Digestive yogurt
Diet 7 up with Antioxidants

Why he is still so wowed by diet soda with anti-antioxidants is beyond me, but as long as we are all getting in plenty of water besides the soda, I am fine with that.

Plans are for me to catch up on personal studies, experiment with some different kinds of exercise and a day trip to a shrine in Wisconsin. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to do a lot more outside on our break time !

Weigh in tomorrow. I have no guesses or expectations on what the scale will do for all of us.

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