Friday, April 10, 2009

It's been a Good Friday

A nice, easy day around here today.
Hubby was off, and i got to sneak out all on my own for a very short walk. This is a rather momentous occasion as I almost always have the accompaniment of at least a partner in crime. I do not mind the company, but it has made me forget my life before kids. Hard to remember a whole lifetime ago when I used to go hiking in the woods on my own ! Now adays i don't know if such an activity is wise, or safe.

Daddy had to sing for Stations of the Cross as well as the Good Friday service, so he was not here for dinner. This made it officially a "Love Dinner". Meaning supper was just son and I and normally it also involves candles. Tonight for some reason he did not want to do candles, but wanted dinner very early because it was two of his favorite foods- peas and pasta. Daddy hates peas, so we don't often have them. What can I say- it does not have to be fussy to be special !

Breakfast- repeat from yesterday
Oat, barley and rye flakes with pumpkin
Goji berries, crasins, ground flax,olive oil
Yo plus digestive yogert, navel orange
water, green tea

Lunch- simple and meatless for Good Friday
Cottage cheese and pineapple chunks
celery and carrots sticks
Praeventia bar, Diet Dr Pepper

Dinner -
Cheese Tortellini with marinara sauce
peas, homemade minestroni soup ( was on it's last leg so use it up), Diet Dr Pepper

Tomorrow morning is weigh in- I am really curious to see how I have done with changing the ratio of essential fatty acids . I feel like I have lost, but feelings in this way are not always accurate for me.


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Oh no, I just realized after reading your post that we had meat tonight!!! Ugh, bad Catholic :(

Good luck with your WI!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You know, I bet you are not the only one who did. The whole meatless thing on Friday awareness has kind of gone the way of the hat or headcovering in church, and with life as busy as it is for most of us, if it is not written down or obvious at every turn, we can easily forget. And FWIW, the deacon in this house forgives you (he often forgets the meatless custom, and I, the non Catholic ,have to remind him)

Anonymous said...