Friday, April 3, 2009

Playing with food

My son likes to read over my shoulder as I visit different blogs, and any blogger who posts food pictures is of particular interest to him. Yesterday he saw Kath Eats Real Food posting pictures of her oatmeal with figs, and he decided we had to try this for ourselves, san so this morning this is exactly what we did

Oats, Barley and rye flakes
figs, seed nut mix, ground flax, wheat bran
grapeseed oil, peanut butter

It was a very rich sort of taste and a more filling consistency that my normal bowl of oats. I think I may be getting too stuck on the same breakfast these days, and i need to do some more playing with oats.

I went shopping again last night, but this time at the Goodwill. While still in transition size wise I don't feel comfortable spending a lot of money on clothing. Plus, Goodwill prevents things from entering the landfills, provides jobs to many as well as teaching useful skills, so it's a win win thing. I looked through the racks but nothing jumped out and said buy me- at least clothing wise. This little gem did , and it fits with a few things I collect

It is a picture hand made from straw from Poland. You do not find these things very often in this area. My mother is of Ukrainian descent, and for some reason I love to make psanky and collect Russian/Ukranian bits of folk art. I have not had the opportunity to make any eggs this year, so finding this little picture satisfies an need I feel. If I cannot play with food in the form of eggs this year, then i get to find and cherish a peice made from wheat straw by another !

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