Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lists are supposed to do what ?

Spent most of yesterday in pursuit of errands. Library, grocery stores and a quick trip to the woods. The weather was very nice, but my current plague is making it hard to breath or do much of anything without tissues at the ready. I decided that seems robins do not have access to kleenex it would not be fare to pass this on to them, so we did not go for a walk outside. Got in plenty walking combing the grocery isles though ! Even though I make detailed lists, we always seem to remember something not on the list that happens to be at the opposite end of the store and so off we go , back to where we started from, dodging other shoppers, samples and getting sidetracked with ten thousand other things. I think we have ADD when it comes to shopping !

Lunchtime rolled around and we were still shopping, so we stopped to grab lunch at our favorite grocery store. Odd thing is, this place is a small local chain, but every week they have some kind of event or promotion, and it feels more like a happening than grocery shopping.
They have fresh flowers on the tables, a different kind each week, and they are always interesting. I am not certain, but I think these may be the flowers from a pineapple tree. Not positive, but they were strangely pretty. Lunch was a Sromboli, which is sort of a cross between a pizza, a sub and a Hot Pocket
This one was loaded with peppers and onions and other veggies and cheese. Very yummy !
After the shopping was done it was back home for veggy chopping and assorted putting away of foods, followed by dinner and an evening playing games. I was the biggest loser of the week so it was my choice- Wii games. We played several games of bowling and then darts, where I beat the guys. ( Darts are on a Wii game called Game Party, and are a lot of fun.) We decided that from now on, The Biggest Loser shall pose for a weekly progress picture while wearing a silly medal that came with some colored covers for the Wii remotes. So, Here I am this week
In the meantime, we learned that there is a Trader Joes closer to our home than the one we had gone to in the past, so we plan on making a feild trip out there today to do some stocking up. Should be fun !

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Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I always make a grocery list and ALWAYS forget something that is ON my list! At least you remember while you're in the store; it doesn't dawn on me til I get home!!!

Love the Wii winner pose! I stink at the darts (well, and the bowling, too!)

Have fun at TJ's - LOVE IT THERE!