Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day does not usually mean a big thing to most people, but to my son, Mr Literal ( thanks to the gift of Autism), it is a big holiday. TV talks about it, and by coincidence daddy has to be in church that evening for a choir rehearsal, so these things confirm it is a holiday. This morning he woke up and wanted to know what we were going to have for the special dinner to celebrate. This caught me totally off guard, and I had no idea what could possibly be earth day fare. And to be honest, at 6 am my brain is not always firing on all cylinders with creativity, so I told him we would have planet polenta for lunch. Safe enough, as i had about six hours to figure out something along those lines. That being solved, we began the day with breakfast

oats,wheat rye flakes with pumpkin
crasins, ground flax,almond butter , coconut, goji berries,olive oil
Yo plus digestive yogurt, Sicilian orange
water, coffee

Then we moved onto school, and got sidetracked by watching a program on the History Channel about biblical archeology. It was pointing to evidence of the Exodus, and son really got glued to the show. Amongst the "revelations" to him was the fact that Jesus celebrated Passover. I kept shaking my head because this detail has been discussed with him for about 14 years, but suddenly seeing it in the context of a different sort of focus brought in loads of loose ends and wove them into a tapestry of understanding. I Love days like this with him !

So then it was time to break for lunch, and my mind planned on making polenta with some food coloring swirled in to look like water and land. Guess what ? No food coloring in the house ! So I quickly decided to make "polenta Pizza"- cook cornmeal in water to make a really basic polenta/mush sort of thing, top with "instant "pizza sauce made from tomato sauce, italian seaoning, a drizzle of olive oil , truvia and parm cheese, sprinkle with low fatr mozzerella and frozen peas. Why frozen ? The polenta is so hot that it needs a little cooling and the frozen peas taste best with very little cooking. He thought it was terrific, and so did I

Polenta Pizza, peas, carrots, celery
yo plus, orange, Diet Dr Pepper

We had intended to do yoga today but got severely sidetracked with some programs on ecology hosted by Bill Nye the Science Guy and another following that showed paper made from elephant dung. They explained the process and it was not gross looking. After much treatment they wind up only using the straw from the grass that was in the original product. We were both rather fascinated with these shoes and wound up having some meaningful conversations as a result. Bad for exercise, but definitely good for other objectives.

Dinner was sort of lite for us

Turkey burger on Arnold's Sandwich Thins
Cabbage soup, Diet Dr Pepper

Tomorrow we will hit out walk early , ,before the day and it's details sidetrack us .


CT said...

Sounds like a fun Earth Day.

JC said...

Sorry, I forgot I was signed on under my work blog. When I left the above comment. JC