Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to normal

Easter is over, ,the lamb cakes have been consumed, the Peep's sacrificed and all of the eggs rolled down their various hills and valleys. So it's back to normal once again !

We had a fun Easter with family, but no food pictures. When you gather with 35 people in a small 3 bedroom ranch house , complete with dogs, babies in high chairs and so forth, you don't sit to eat at tables. Instead you find some corner to balance your plate with one hand and fork with the other, and do the best you can. There was lamb and ham and veggies as well as cake and candy and good times.

We all noticed the difference in the way we felt from a day of eating complex carbs and high fat. One is good, three is better and 10 gets close to feeling just about right. So today it is back to the veggies, whole grains and a good long walk.

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TJ said...

I really miss those big family get togethers. Everybody lives so far away now.

I see a pattern on blogs this morning - getting back OP. That's me too.

Have a great week!