Friday, April 17, 2009

Think too much, you get sick !

Sometimes I run into places where I just plain overthink an then find myself spinning int an area where I no longer know what is up, down, current, old, needs to be fed or really should be sent packing. The last few days have been a trip into this area, and as a result I have succumb to the current round of plague. Stress really makes your immune system weak, and as a result it lets any one of the ten thousand varieties of bugs come in and get comfy.

Easter eating brought a recurrence of behaviors that have left my son for two years, and so I thought it was time to make a move to a gluten free diet. After spending two days of researching, reading, calculating and so forth, I was a wreck. It's one thing to determine you need to make a dietary change, and a whole other thing to figure out how to do it. Eliminating gluten is not easy, and when you add other factors in your life it can become almost impossible in some cases. I finally took a step back and asked myself some hard questions, like am I jumping the gun with this ? Up till Easter he was doing fine and making great progress. So why do we need to make another sweeping change ? In our case it seems that simply eliminating refined flours and sugar are making a real difference, so why not simply continue that route ? So that is what we will do.

And that resolved, my system decided that for a new form of entertainment, we will entertain a cold virus that several people brought with them to the party on Sunday. I think I am carrying 15 mounds of crud in my head, all waiting to be sneezed out and gifted to the rest of humanity. There was no exercise yesterday as a result.I want coffee, a warm bed and to just make the world go away.

cornmeal polenta with molassess
Goji berries,Coconut, crasins, ground flax,olive oil
Yo plus digestive yogert, apple
water, green tea

Lunch-(not gluten free)
Bocca Burger on Arnolds Sandwich Thins with baby spinach
homemade lentil soup,celery, carrots, apple
yo plus digestive yogert, Diet Dr Pepper

Dinner - I give up ! Ask hubby for assistance and carry out
Turkey sub from Subway, yo plus digestive yogert, apple


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

You are right to take one step at a time with major dietary changes. It is a big production to learn all the in and outs. I did so much research myself for little daughter who had a milk protein allergy that I was making myself crazy. But, you do what you have to for your kids and I had to for her to save her life.

Funny you mentioned gluten-free. I just bought some spelt flour and made a spelt pizza dough for tonight. Check in with my blog later tonight, we'll see how it turns out.

Sorry about your cold:( Feel better soon!

JC said...

Cute new picture. I understand the overthinking thing. I do it all the time. Hope your feeling better soon. Have a great weekend.