Saturday, April 11, 2009

A tale of 3 oatmeals and weigh in

First, the weigh in
Me- 1.6 lbs DOWN ( One more week of paying close attention to the omega fatty acid ratio mix and I will be convinced)
Hubby - UP 3.2 . Reason ? He had to go out with his choir for dinner last night and it was at a Greek restaurant. Cheese Tortellini with way too much salt, half a bottle of wine ( normally non drinker) - it will come off
Son - UP 0.8 from an incident with too many hush puppies at Golden Coral on Wednesday. It will come off.

So begins another week. Tomorrow is going to be a free for all because of the gathering at my mom's, so the rest of the week will have to be rather vigilant. We started this day with our usual oatmeal, but this time each had theirs just a little different

Hubby and I had it with ground flax, crasins and a square of 85 % dark cocoa, and I added wheat bran to mine. Son on the other hand had his with flax, crasins, edible Easter grass and a peep

Have you seen the new edible Easter grass ? It comes in a couple of different flavors ( pictured is green apple flavored)and a whole pack is 100 calories. In the above bowl is 1/4th of a pack cut into short peices. What does it taste like ? A sort of flavored ice cream cone. I think it is a terrific idea ! Easter Grass is one of the most useless, annoying things, and something that you could consume and be done with it is a good thing. To my son, this is a really fun breakfast !

Have a great day all !


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

congrats on your WI - yipee!!!!!!!!

JC said...

Wow, I thought hubby had my nod with the chocolate, since I never thought of that. But, now, son has it hands down. Never heard of edible Easter grass. Makes me want to run out and find some. Congrats on the loss. How next week is just as good. Happy Easter, God bless you and yours.

Sarah said...

Yeah on your WI!! The edible grass...I've never heard of that, it would definitely help around here with my 1yr old thinking everything is edible!