Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have invented a new word to describe how I feel this morning- ouchilicious. Ouch in the fact that my leg muscles and butt muscles are still very sore, and licious as in delicious as I know from past experiences that building muscle, like healing and growth, is a painful process. Yesterday I really , really wanted to claim a rest day , but instead I used the EFT Tapping techniques to motivate myself to just get up and do it.

How do you do EFT Tapping ? Basically you determine how you feel about a thing, create a statement that accepts your feelings and yourself, and then tap on certain acupressure points while saying affirmations. First one is the side of the hand- where you would hit for a karate chop, then the outside of the eyebrows, ,outside of the eyes, under the middle of the eyes, under the nose, on the chin under the mouth, on the collarbone , under the arms and then on the top of the head. Statements sound something like "even though I am tired and hate the thought of exercising, I completely love and accept myself." and then "I enjoy the way my body feels because I move to burn fat" and so forth. It looks very silly, but it works. If you would like to learn more about this technique and how to try it for yourself, click here to be taken to Gary Craig's website for a free manual and instructions.

So I am sore, but happy that I pushed through the feeling and accomplished yet another day of my goals.

Breakfast yesterday was pumpkin oatmeal once again with olive oil, ground flax, wheat bran and crasins, apple, lemon water, Yo Plus and green tea on the side. I was going to try to create a different pattern in the bowl with the toppings, but they kind of just fell. I debated not taking a picture because they wound up looking sort of like Phallic Oats to me. Now there is food porn in the world, but.....

For lunch we had homemade Minestrone soup with a ton of veggies, wasa crispbread with baby swiss cheese,celery sticks, baby carrots, yo plus, an apple and sparkling water with pomegrannate juice.I forgot how much I love Wasa crisp breads ! It is probably my most favorite cracker of all time.

Dinner was marinated chicken breast ( balsamic vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, parsley , oregano and olive oil) corn and green beans. I was going to make Heartland Pasta but when I went into the freezer I found we have enough corn to feed a catered party of football players, so decided I better use that instead. For some reason his brand tasted incredibly sweet in a natural way.Lemon water on the side.

Through the day there was green tea and nettle tea and lots and lots of water as usual. When I was feeling really achy in the aftrnoon I was very tempted to make a cup of instant coffee, but I tapped away the craving. Actually it was more the desire for pain relif than a lift, but I reminded myself that Tylemol would do the same function and not put stress on my adrenals. One day down, many more to go !

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