Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forgot to mention

I forgot to mention this the last couple of days !

Sunday was a day that was very out of the ordinary foodwise. We did not binge on candy, sweets and such but rather wound up eating in a way that was very similar to how we did before the weight loss plan- refined carbs, wrong kinds of fats and so forth. Not only did we all feel bad as a result, but I noticed a very definite impact on my son's Autistic behaviors, and it got me to thinking. Two years ago he was in a very, very dark place and it was the addition of essential fatty acid supplements that made him present enough to even attempt a dietary and lifestyle change in order to tackle weight loss. It has been wonderful, but how much better could it be if I made the move to a gluten free diet with him ? Those who have done so with autistic children have seen a pretty impressive rate of improvement, so why not try to make this move ?

So startimng next week we will begin a move to a gluten free diet. I have been researching and planning most of the day and choosing which things I belive to be less of a risk for the inclusion in our diets. And as a result, I will add some blogs to m toolbar that I am finding helpful in this move.

Wish us luck ! Gluten free and weight loss with close attention to the fatty acid ratio should be fun. I think for relaxation I will go play in a mine feild with a pogo stick !

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