Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to tap

Here is a video that shows how to do EFT Tapping


cindy said...

could you answer a question on tapping, how often can you do this? I tried it and it worked for the pain in my knee and leg but the pain came back in a half hour...does this heal or block pain? anyway it was nice to be pain free for 30 min.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

From what I understand you can tap unlimited times as often as you desire. Many times it seems in the case of pain you have to do it repeatedly for a number of reasons. In chronic conditions ( those that have been there for a while) you are dealing with energy patterns in the body that have been stuck or backed up for a while, and when they start to move you get a kind of log jam affect in the process of clearing.So it becomes necessary to help the flow get moving again.Different physical causes ( such as a torn muscle, herniated disc, arthritis, broken bone and so forth) will continue to make the energy stuck as it uses the energy to make a repair. In these cases repeated frequent tapping can only aid the healing process. Just keep tapping and know that you are making progress towards a permanent pain free state of being.

Other times pain reoccurs because it is attached to a reoccurring, deep seated issue and you many have to do more digging to find the unresolved issues behind the pain ( one could be I refuse to bend to the will of fill in the blank) In these cases dialog with yourself can help to drag these out and tapping using these as part of the set up statement works an almost miracle.

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