Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swimsuit motivation

Good day exercise wise yesterday. It was very cold and grey out but not so cold as to need heavy coats, so I convinced son to go on a couple of short walks. he final selling point was that we need to build up our base tan so we will not get sunburned in the swimming pool. Our pool opens around Memorial Day and he LIVES to swim. He has never had any self conscious feelings about wearing a swimsuit ( just like me) , and loves getting in there and swimming around.Funny how swimsuit season can prove to be a ood motivation on so many levels.Here it is not work to look good in a suit, bnut instead get out to build up a base tan !

Walk 45 min

Oat, barley and rye flakes with pumpkin
Goji berries,Cocnut,dark chocolate, crasins, ground flax,olive oil
Yo plus digestive yogert, apple
water, green tea

Bocca burger on Arnolds sandwich thins with baby spinach
homemade lentil soup, yo plus digestive yogert, apple
carrot and celery sticks, Diet Squirt

Dinner -
Chicken breast in universal marinate
brown rice, corn, broccoli,cucumbers
Diet Squirt


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Wish I could feel the same about wearing a swimsuit. I love the water (pool or beach), but don't love exposing my body :(

Squishy ! said...

I think that this is the first summer that I am excited to put on a swimsuit! It just feels good to know that I'll be able to swim and not feel like I weigh 1k lbs. when I try to get out of the pool. *laughs* It helps that I love to swim for exercise. I'll be thinking of y'all while I'm splashing around!