Sunday, February 8, 2009

The woods, the ice and other things

Yesterday was one of those days when the temperatures reach a place that convince you that spring is not only possible, but coming soon. We had a regular heat wave and it reached nearly 50 degrees with bright sunshine and little wind. A perfect day to head out to the woods to go for a nice long walk. Or so one might think. One factor was neither considered or banked upon, and that is the snow melt. It has been happening the last day or two, but the night temperatures drop below freezing, so morning often comes with a layer of ice on the pavement that is topped with water. Black ice, if you will. You do not see it until you are on it while driving, and when walking it looks no different than the pavement , but lets you know of it's existence when you slip and fall on it. Not pretty, so our walk was done in great caution, but done. I am surprised that there were no taps on the sugar maples or birch trees, for this is maple syrup making time and our county forest preserves do collect the sap for syrup making. Also surprised by the number of birds that have returned to the area. There is an old legend that birds find their mates around Valentines Day, and when you spend time out in nature, you can begin to understand where that old belief comes from.

After our walk it was off to do our weekly shopping and other errands. During one of my near slips on the black ice I twisted my knee just enough to say ouch, but not enough to make the pain say something was wrong. So I kept walking, and as the errands progressed it was becoming more and more sore. By the time we were back ho,me and done it was very painful, and come evening I needed to take some Tylenol and rub it down with arnica compound. It still hurts this morning, so I am probably going to take today as a rest day.

Here are yesterdays meals and stats

walk 90 min
hand weights 100 reps
10 minutes ab work( bicycle crunches and stability ball with bands)

water 14 (196 oz)

Breakfast- the Saturday Standard
Pumpkin oatmeal ( 1/2 c oats, 1/3 c pumpkin,1 c water, 1 t cinamon)
topped with 1 t olive oil,1 T crasins,1 T seed nut mix,1 T Ground Flax,1 T coconut
1T goji berries,1 T peanut butter
Fiber one yogert ( need to use it up)

Lunch- new fast food
2 roast beef swiss lettuce wraps ( 2 leaves iceburg lettuce, 2 slices deli roast beef, 2 slices baby swiss)
1/2 cup mozzerella tomato basil salad, 2 raw mushrooms, califlower
1 Fiber One Yogert, 1 c blueberries, 1 100 calorie pack cocoa almonds ( definate yum)

Grilled Greek chicken breast( marinated in lemon, oregano and garlic), sweet potato
stir fried green beans (olive oil,garlic,sesame seeds), tossed salad
Diet Cherry 7 Up with Antioxidants ( son thought this was a must buy)

1 sugar free jello, 10 dark chocolate chips
Green tea

Fruits 2
veg 7
lean protien 2
dairy 2
healthy fats 2


TJ said...

Oh, I'm loving this warm up!

Hope the knee is feeling better today.

JC said...

Would you adopt me and feed me? Doesn't hurt to ask. Never mind, I love warm weather. It is in the high 60's here and absolutely beautiful but that will change in a day or two.

I fast on Sunday and here I am looking a all that wonderful food. HA!

Hope the knee is better today. I have knee issues from time to time. I'm learning that when it starts to flair up to get off of it a few days.