Thursday, February 12, 2009

The proof lies with Mergatroid

Oh happy day ! Mergatroid ( My Wii fit scale) shows that I am down 1.1 lb this morning. Yes, body weight can fluctuate by as much as 5 lbs in a day for any reason, but when you have seen the same beast either stay the same or creep up for so long, you get optomistic. You also get your fire stoked to keep on keeping on. It seems that the efforts of reducing coffee and switching to more stress reducing forms of exercise may be doing the trick for me.

I started the day with a Reiki self treatment, followed by a meditation session and then some Yogalates- it combines yoga with Pilates, and feels REALLY good on my back ! I am finding that any kind of exercise that stretches my back muscles feels fantastic. I think I am carrying a lot of tension around in there, and adressing this helps. A 20 minute session seemed to fly by too fast Then a break for breakfast

1/2 c cottage cheese, 2 T ground flax,17 almonds,apple
water,coffee ( there are mint leaves in the water)

We started the school day , and as usual came to several places where we started bumping heads over math and then Language arts. Over the years of homeschooling ( we have done this my son's entire life- some 12 years now counting preschool and kindergarten), I have found the most productive thing to do when we start bumping heads is to take a break. So we pulled on our sweaters and headed out for a 30 minute walk in the breezy damp. Made for some interesting and silly observations as we passed things that had been buried in the snow drifts. We started to get cold and came back in for lunch.

Bocca burger,1/2 c cottage cheese
2 c raw
1 c nonfat yogert with cocoao powder, sugar 1 t dark chocolate chips
( I have come to think that green bowl mug cup thing is one of my favorite things in my kitche right now. It is so handy, and I wish I had more of them !

Then back to school and on to my own work for the day.The rest of the afternoon was cheerful and marked with a lot of silly jokes about nothing. I really enjoy those kinds of afternoons. Then later hubbhy came home with an early Valentines day gift- a brand new scale. This one is so complicated I think you need a college degree to read all it is capable of doing. ( just kidding). It measures weight, body fat and percent of water. Good things in the whole picture. Badc for me personally because it shows that the Wii info was indeed being honest with me, I had gained 10 pounds since Saturday morning, and I could not get a reading on body fat and water. Hubby did fine with his readings, so the thing does work. I am not too concerned about it- I have a new acurate scale ! Better than flowers of chocolate.I love that man ! After he did some nessisary paperwork at home, on to dinner

Citrus ginger marinated grilled chicken
(juice of 1 grapefruit, 1 lemom,1 onange, 1 t ground ginger,1/4 t garlic powder,1 t thyme)
cousous, green beans, tossed salad
Diet Sierra Mist

We spent the evening catching up in different busy work and keeping a half eye on The Addams Family and Addams Family Values. We have them on DVD, and they are two of my favorite movies of all times. I think I was and am a little too Wednesday Addams at tikmes, and the dark humor just cracks me up.

So it was a good day , both program wise and sticking to my own needs with this journey. Here are the rest of the stats for the day

fat free cheese stick,califlower
sugar free jello, sugar free pudding, seed mix
apple.TLC bar, sugar free pudding

Fruits 3
veg 8
lean protien 2
dairy 3
healthy fats 2

Exercise 50 min
water 14 (112 oz)

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Sue said...

Hooray! So glad the scale is going down for once. And I am so proud of your man for getting you a nice scale instead of chocolates! :)