Friday, February 27, 2009

Venial cause for pause

I think a day of fasting and abstinence is not such a good thing for my body anymore. I have fasted in the past and had minimal problem because of it. Yes I get hungry and tired, but all is well the next day when I eat. Wednesday I followed the fast/abstinence rules and felt oddly odd. Not sick, not in pain, but just odd. Yesterday I woke up feeling not so great andas the day went on I felt like I was on the verge of getting sick, headachy and bone deep exhausted, which began to change immediately after eating dinner (chicken). Then last night in the middle of the night I woke up with such intense hunger pains that I laid awake debating just how much damage a small snack may or may not do. I grabbed a bottle of water instead, and tried to fall back to sleep. No such luck. This morning for breakfast I was so ravenous I could have eaten the fridge itself ! Today is Friday and another day of abstaining from meat, but I am not going to adhere. I have an allergy to fish and seafood, beans raise my glucose levels badly, nuts do not stick with me , and eating eggs two meals in a row is something I just cannot tollerate. Only my dinners will be meatless. Good point is that even though I felt like crap, I got in my 30 minute exercise minimum, and I am convinced my homemade rowing invention is going to work out just fine.
Here is how the day broke down
Wii fit strength training 10 min
rowing 10 min ( felt very energizing)
bike 10 min ( made me feel even more unwell, so I stopped)

Egg beater omlettte( mushrooms, green onions, red pepper, asparagus)topped with salsa
Fiber One bar,Yo Plus digestive yogert,apple

Bocca burger on Thomases whole wheat english muffin with wedge of laughing cow cheese
tossed salad with crasins and nuts
apple, yo digestive yogert
Diet Sierra Mist

Pepper Lime Marinated chicken breast
Whole grain brown rice blend, green beans
tossed salad
Diet Sierra Mist

Spa water through the day
Pre breakfast- Parsley,thyme,nettle, dandelion tea
Morning-parsley tea, 2 carrots
afternoon- Parsley tea,sugar free jello,carrot
evening- Sugar free chocolate pudding, yo digestive yogert
Fiber plus bar

water 12 (96 oz)
Fruits 3
veg 11
lean protien 2
dairy 3
healthy fats 2


Me, Only Better said...

Oh, man. Sounds scary how you were feeling! I have never fasted before, but I can imagine that it would leave you feeling quite drained.

TJ said...

I can't fast because of blood sugar issues. I'm down for the count if I miss a meal.

skywind said...

Food is very rich, very rich in nutrition. Thank you for sharing these out. : D

Anonymous said...

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