Saturday, February 28, 2009

Husbands are funny

This makes me laugh. We have several computers here at home because...well our son has figured out how to bypass every parental control on the planet and lest we want to lose important data, safer to have three computers. All together in the living room, which explains why we have no furniture. But I digress.

Phoenix was updating his blog and journal that he has on another site, clicked the button for the other network to read his journal, and his computer got hijacked to a site showing nearly naked women , all young and toned and... saying they all ived in the area. Poor Bob is a very honest, trustworthy, upstanding soul who has never done a wrong thing in his life outside of enrolling a dog one day in high school. I know him inside and out through 26 years of marriage and 3 years before that of friendship. I know if he is even begining to remotely consider the possibility of anything, and i know for an absolutr fact he does not surf sights like this ( and if he did i would not fault him, but rather giggle at him deciding to stretch his horizons or something).

Anyway, he was upset and told me about it, and I was joking with him that he is meant to take this glitch as a message from the universe to keep up with his weight loss efforts. I told him let's face it- walk into a McDonalds or Portillos or Burger King, look around, and tell me if you see one single body type that would have posed for those pictures. He agreed, none would. So I told him that instead of thinking of it as a bad thing, think of it as encouragment. And then worry if the ad had 40 women pictured ( the 40 days of lent thing).

He just giggled and shook his head ( and probably felt relived that i was not going to be mad at him)

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