Monday, February 16, 2009

New week

So begins another week on the journey. Yesterday was pretty laid back after hubby's morning singing commitments. We ate lunch, played some American Idol Karaoke and then decided to make a visit to the Goodwill. You can tell the real state of the economy by the level of crowds at the Goodwill it seems. It was packed with people sifting through the goods being offered. I came across two tops that I almost bought, but put back when I realized I would have to find a completely different bra to wear with them. I HATE shopping for shoes and bras because both present such a challenge in finding the right size. I finally found a bra that I loved and fits, and i think i would walk through a fire to avoid having to find one in a different cut. Strange, but true.

Today begins spring cleaning. Can you smell the clean all the way over there ? I got a brand new mom and a brand new bucket ( only way to wash walls and ceilings), rags enough to cover the Empire State Building and all kinds of interesting cleaning supplies, some natural and home made , some not. Let the scrubbing begin !

Goals for this week- get in exercise beyond the scrubbing
stay true to my program

Yesterday's log
exercise 35 min
Wii fit 20 min (10 min yoga,10 min run)
Bike 15 min

Crock pot grains (Barley, steel cut oats,wheat berries,milk)
topped with coconut,goji berries,cottage cheese, ground flax,
crasins,seed nut mix, peanut butter,olive oil)
coffee, water

Corned beef and provalone and assorted greens on onion flat bread
apple, nonfat yogert with dark cocoa powder(really yummy !)
Diet Squirt

Grilled Butt Steak
sauted portabellos and onions, green beans , spaghetti squash
tossed salad( the greens mix this week include romaine, boston bibb, watercress, dandelion greens)
Diet Cherry 7up

AM fat free cheese and veggies
Afternoon sugar free jello, sugar free pudding
Evening apple, sugar free pudding TLC bar

water 14 ( 112 oz)
Fruits 3
veg 7
lean protien 2
dairy 4
healthy fats 2

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Squishy ! said...

I must be particularly hungry, because that corned beef looks SO good.... lol

Happy Cleaning!