Friday, February 20, 2009

I must be doing this all wrong

I am beginning to have a theory about how houses get dirty. In the middle of the night, all the mismatched socks in the universe get together, call up all those single shoes you find on the roadways to come over and party. When together they start smoking, drinking and whooping it up. That explains how a dark film gets on the walls and why you find splashes of something on your ceiling for no obvious reason. Yep, that's the ticket ! Day four of wall washing , and I think I need a break. After four hours of bending, twisting, scrubbing, moving furniture and assorted dejunking,I was ready to die. So obviously, that is a good time to dig into our homeschool math lesson. What was I thinking ???

Then hubby gets home and informs me that there is a major winter storm on the way for late Friday and early Saturday, so could I please give him half the grocery list now so he can deal with 2 of the 4 stores we visit. So I print off what he needs ( we will do the other two stores tonight) and then flip on some TV while I finish up sorting through some piles. I happened to catch this series on Fine Living Network called Last 10 pounds Bootcamp. This one is new to me, so I watch in fascination. This contestant weighed in at 160 pounds, and looking at her bad diet, I have decided I am going about this thing all wrong !

Here I am, for the last 14 months roughly, eating mountains of vegetables, lean protien, low fat, and I am gaining weight. And here is this woman with a diet of ice cream, fried foods, candy and large quantities of alcohol . She weighs 160 pounds. I have not weighed 160 pounds since i was a preschooler ! Obviously I am doing this all wrong. I think perhaps I should start having gallons of ice cream for breakfast, slabs of fudge for lunch and an entire deep dish pizzaa for dinner, washed down with a fifth or two of rum. Sounds good, dosn't it ? Of course on the show she changes her eating habits to resemble mine more closely, drops 12 pounds and 7 inches, and does this in 4 weeks. Then comes out to taunt me in her little black dress, a size smaller. Simulating, isn't it ? Then I think of that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates smashes into the car of those two annoying young women and says "I am older and have better insurance". Yes Miss Little Black Dress, I am older, have more insurance than you, have a son, have a happy marriage and have stray socks and mismatched road shoes partying in my living room at all hours of the night, which gives me opportunities to use my home as a gym. Then I realize that she may see that black dress as required equipment to get the very things I have, and I find myself wishing her well on her journey. May she find her heart's desire.

Yesterday's log- I have increased my fiber intake in an attempt to get more regular, so hence all the carb things
Washing walls 4 hrs

Egg beater veggie omlette ( asparagus, zuchini, green onions,mushrooms, red peppers) with salsa on top
Yo Plus digestive yogert,Fiber one bar
fresh strawberries
water,2 coffee

Lunch- The girl eats bread
Bocca Burger on Thomas Whole Grain lite english muffin with mustard
1/2 c cottage cheese with 1 t olive oil 1T ground flax
baby carrots and lots of celery( I was really craving this)
apple, Diet Squirt

Pork loin cubes in pineapple salsa ( all hail the mighty crockpot!)
brown rice and whole grain blend, broccoli/califlower/carrot blend
salad,Diet Squirt

2 Herb tea ( dandelion,nettles,oatstraw,sage,chamomile,hibiscus)
sugar free pudding, sugar free jello,green tea
sugar free pudding,Fiber Plus Bar,apple,100 calorie popcorn

water 14 (112 oz) outside of the coffee,tea,and diet sodas
Fruits 3
veg 9
lean protien 3
dairy 2
healthy fats 2


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

You are so funny! Darn those socks and shoes!

Great eats today! I just wanted to throw something out to you. As I have been reading your posts and your food journals the past few weeks, I was noticing your snacks are often sugar free pudding/jello. For some reason, that stood out to me; I think I remember reading somewhere that for some people, those sugar free foods can negatively affect your weight loss. I didn't get a chance to check it out or google it before I posted this to you, but you might want to investigate that and see if those foods may be contributing to your struggles the past few weeks.

Also, wanted to say that you do such a great job providing healthy meals for your family - everything always looks so good and well balanced!

Good luck in the "movement" dept ;)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

The sugar free thing with weight gain- there has been a lot of controversy over that one for some time, and it seems that the reason for it is that in some people the artificial sweeteners do a sort of by pass hing to the bodies chemistry, and set up the digestive process to go about processing sugar, but nothing is there and the person becomes even hungrier as a result and eats more. I have not had this happen to me, so I keep using them. I have something called metabolic syndrome, which is sometimes called a pre-diabetic condition. For this reason I opt for the sugar free choices. I also have to limit fruits for the same reasons. Cheese and dairy is high sodium,beans legumes act as sugar in my body, nuts can add up the points and calories fast, breads are big no nos and there are only so many raw veggie snacks that I think of. I want to drop the pudding and jello for other reasons though, so I keep scratching my head for options on this one.

Calypso Rain said...

WOOT! YOUR POST WAS HALARIOUS! You always seem to have a postive outlook on everything. But your right, little miss black dress probably doesn't have anything close to what we have.

Not that i'd change it but my comfortability with not having to work hard to try to achieve that I already have (husband, kids, job) helped get me into this mess.. I just got to comfortable and quit trying.

cindy said...

I just love your blog, Always looking at the bright side of things and never giving up! Go you on all the wall washing.

karen said...

I just love love LOVE reading your posts! I have a cousin who can sit and eat piles and piles of hot wings and chili cheese fries and wash it all down with the largest hot fudge sundae EVER and lose 5 pounds doing it (and she SO doesn't need to) ... and if I just sit in the same room as that stuff I gain 20!