Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Say it ain't so, Joe !!!

What do intelligent people do when problems arrive in life ? They rethink, regroup and refine- the other 3 R’s in life. I spent yesterday doing just that. Okay, so the scale is not moving in the right direction. This does not scream fail; it simply means that I am going about things in a way that is wrong for my body. Because of my hormone issues, cortisol is my enemy, and anything that makes my system pump it out is a bad thing. Stress is one of the primary causes, and anything that can bust stress is helpful. So I reconsidered my exercise options. And once again, I reviewed my food logs to find out what I was possibly doing wrong. Other than last Sunday carbs were within tolerance level, no excess salt, no excess fruits, not heavy on the meat, no surplus coffee creamers. But what’s this? HOW much coffee am I drinking???? It seems that once again my consumption has crept up to a very unacceptable level. 12-14 cups of coffee per day to be specific. My naturopath, who was the one who first uncovered my PCOS problem back in the days when we were dealing with infertility, warned me at our last visit that coffee will make any weight loss attempts I try nearly impossible. It is not because of the diuretic affect or because of too many cream and sugar additions. In my case, the caffeine kicks my adrenals into high alert and my body becomes so flooded with cortisol that I could gain weight on lettuce leaves alone. He wanted me to quit coffee all together ( decaf is problematic because of the chemicals used in the process), but truth be told I ADORE coffee. The smell, the taste and the mouth feel. Green tea and other herbal alternatives just do not have the same viscosity. I have dropped coffee all together for a time, lived through the massive headaches, but it keeps finding its way back into my life, so I compromise and vow to limit it to two cups a day. Then it sneaks up, and weight loss becomes a real problem. So yesterday, I skipped making coffee in my lovely coffee maker, stuck with one cup of instant and two cups of green tea. I relaxed a bunch. I could literally feel iron bands falling off my body. Then I helped things along with a change in exercise routine ( bellydancing) , and a Reiki session. ( Reiki is a non touch energy healing system- I am a Reiki Master but sometimes forget to include myself in my list of clients). We will see what we will see. While I was doing my own re-evaluation I looked over the guys logs and I think I found one possible reason they are starting to experience stalls and gains. Their intake balance is going to be changed around as well.

Yesterdays log

Veggie egg white omelet with salsa
yogurt, strawberries, sugar, ground flax
water, green tea

grilled chicken on romaine with seed mix and dried cranberries
apple, yogert with cocoa powder and sugar

Grilled pork loin chop, sweet potato,asparagus sauted in olive oil, garlic and dill
tossed salad,Diet Sierra Mist

14 almonds
2green tea
sugar free jello, sugar free pudding, 100 cal almonds
1/ grapefruit, sugar free pudding,TLC bar

water 18 (144 oz)
exercise- 40 min
walk 10 min( out in the mucky mud to discover what the snow piles have left behind)
Belly Dance DVD 30 min ( great fun and good working those abs !)

Fruits 3
veg 9
lean protien 3
dairy 3
healthy fats 3


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

That is so interesting about the coffee and it's effects on you. I've often wondered if I have some type of "aversion" to it, because whenever I drink it, I actually feel worse afterward. I don't seem to get the "caffeine boost"; it makes me feel more tired and exhausted. Plus, I get jittery and anxious, but without the energy part. Isn't that strange?? I'm with you on the tea thing. I "try" to like it, but it's just not the same as yummy coffee. I do drink decaf coffee, but not a lot anymore. It seems I am now developing heartburn, too. Age is a wonderful thing ;)

Anyway, great eats today! Good for you for taking some time to relax :)

Dutch said...

I never heard of how coffee can do that. It is very interesting. I love coffee also but since my surgery I really haven't been drinking it. I will have a cup of two maybe once a week. I love how you post the foods you eat and a picture of it. I think I might start doing that. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Calypso Rain said...

You mention your blog spot alot in your messages to a group we both belong to. I wanted to visit and read your story. Your so down to earth and your posts are always so interesting! I am glad I stopped in. I know your on the weight loss journey doing it "Your Way" but your way looks delcious and alot more filling then what i'm eating.. I need to take a page out of your book! thanks for sharing!

~ K.

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