Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weigh in

If it's Saturday, it's a weigh in. And if it is me breathing it seems, it will be a gain

Good news first- son lost 1.2 lb. Yay !!!! I changed the mix in his diet to be a little higher in protien this week.

Hubby maintained. Did no working out, ate chocolate cake at the office twice and stayed the same. I hate men.

Then I stepped on the scale and gained +4.0. Reasons for the gain ? Your guess is as good as mine.I am not going to get upset about it , sweat it or freak out over it. Clearly at this particular time my body, in it's infinite wisdom is trying hard to do other things and the energy required to flip things to weight loss at this time is a no go. I can respect that. I can also be patient and rest in the fact that I am doing all that I can for my body to make a healthy change, and it will do what it can when it can. My son is losing, which was the original intention of this lifestyle move. Hubby ...well he got to have cake and did not gain so it is not all bad. So being a creature of habit and commitment, I sucked up the gain, owned it, and reported it to Team Angie. Sorry guys. Complain to my hormones. I certainly have.

I did something different yesterday. I went to a sight that calculates your caloric needs according to age, height, sex and activity level and determines how many calories you must eat per day and how much you should be exercising per day. I wanted to see if perhaps I was just taking in too many calories. It says I am supposed to have 1580 calories per day and 5 workouts of 30 minutes. Even according to this kind of calculations I am doing all that I should. So , no use geting upset about it, just keep on keeping on.

Breakfast- 220 calories
Cottage cheese, 17 almonds,1 t olive oil

Lunch- 400 calories
Turkey burger lettuce wrap
raw veggies,apple
1 c nonfat yogert with cocoa, sugar and ground flax

Dinner-450 calories
6 oz round steak, spaghetti squash,broccoli/cauliflower/carrot blend
salad,Diet Squirt

Snacks 280 calories
sugar free jello,sugar free pudding,100 calorie almonds 180
sugar free pudding, apple,Fiber Plus Bar 200

exercise- 30 min
Bike 10 min
walk 10 min
ab work 10 min

water 14 (112 oz)
Fruits 3
veg 8
lean protein 2
dairy 3
healthy fats 2


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Way to hang in there! I was struggling this week and gained also. But, A-Teamers are gonna bounce back by next week, right??!!

Glad your son saw a loss! And the hubby, yeah well glad he got to eat chocolate cake and not gain??? LOL! Men!!!

Have a great weekend!

Calypso Rain said...

Five workouts of 30 minutes? Did I read that right? That's 2 1/2 hours per day, I wonder what kind of "shred" would occur if I actually attempted that? I'd probably gain 10 lbs! I'd love to see the site though to use as a reference.

I notice you use a lot of ground flax in your meals I'm curious the reason for that? Do you just like the taste of it or does it have some special "purpose".

Congrats to the son on his loss. He's amazing! He showed alot of will power earlier in the week when it came to snacking and his determination (and yours for showing his the way) is definately showing.

As for hubby chocolate cake....
-Sigh- if only we could do that.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Ground flax- we use it because of the Omega 3 fatty acids. My son is Autistic, and I had been reading a lot of positive reports about the impact of Omega 3's and autism, MS, Dementia and a host of other concerns. So we began giving him Evening Primrose Oil capsules in September of 07 because of educational issues. It improved him so greatly that a diet attempt was even remotely possible by November of that year. We have not gone a day without these( evening primrose oil capsules, flax oil capsules, ground flax meal). They also help to balance out problems I have with my female hormones and arthritis.

Just a note- the exercise is 30 minutes a day , 5 days a week and not 5 30 minute sessions per day.

JC said...

Glad your keeping this in perspective. Your body will respond just don't get discouraged.

Chews to Lose said...

Our bodies do what they want and torture us. I'm sorry you are hitting a wall with losses right now, but as you know, when you least expect it you've lost 5 pounds. As you said, just keep on keeping on and it will happen.