Saturday, February 7, 2009

If it's Saturday, it must be weigh in

Okay Universe. I guess i have been too complacent and too bored for your tastes, so you decided to mix things up. Son got up this morning, stepped on the scale and it said he gained 40 pounds. Step off, then on, instantly lose 25. Step on again, gain 50. So I step on, and more wild fluctuations. Uh oh...scale malfunction ! So change the batteries, and the light stays on constantly and no numbers. Switch them again and different numbers all together. Just great. No money at the moment to buy a scale, so have to rely on the Wii fit and measurments. Son is too heavy for the Wii fit, so measurments will have to do for now.

I lost 0.2 lb. A low number but I am happy it is not a gain or a maintain. I lost 1/4 inch in the bust,3/4 inches in the hips, half inch in my thighs and1/4 inch in my neck

Son, as best I can calculate between the Wii fit and scale gained 0.4 lbs
lost 1.5 in the chest, 1.5 in the hips and maintained in the rest

Hubby gained 1.6 and refused to let me measure him. He has had a VERY rough week with buisness meetings and catered lunches with no tme to work out.

I think I will stick with the Wii fit scale readings for the rest of BLBE challenge just to be accurate.


karen said...

Oh how I HATE scale malfunctions!!! Glad you had the Wii to fall back on ... and GREAT measurement changes!!! Congrats!

JC said...

I know about scale malfunctions. When I had scale malfunctions and could buy a new one. I went by my doctor's office and weighed. They were very nice about it but my doctor's scale weigh me 5 pounds more. Have a great weekend. Hope hubby has a restful weekend.

Sue said...

I am so glad that at least it showed a loss! My old scale used to fluctuate like crazy!

When you do get a new one, I highly recommend the Healthometer brand. It is one scale that seems supremely accurate. Always the same no matter how many times I step off and on.

The one I have was around $20, and it has 4 different buttons you can push, that can be used by 4 different weighers in the house. Keeps track of your own stats and tells you if you are up and down.

I love it. Keep up the excellent work though...your exercise level still astounds me! :)

Anonymous said...