Sunday, February 15, 2009

Loving yourself

Today's entry will be different. No food log and no food pictures, just for today. Yesterday was Valentines Day, where we show our love and admiration for those special people in our lives. I chose to include myself in that list by allowing myself a day to just be and not record points, activities and so forth. I did not go off program, with the exception of a tablespoon of chocolate lava cake ( used the caramel corn theory on that one) , and I got in almost 3 hours of walking. But rather than spend the day treating my body like a creature that must be managed, I chose to treat me with the honor and respect I so richly deserve. Sometimes in the journey of weight loss we can forget that. We can end up seeing ourselves as this bank that deals with calories in,calories out and little more. I spent the day reviewing some of the amazing things that my body has done, and continues to do.

I have received stitches 5 times in my life, healed the wounds and recovered from them.
I have broken 15 bones in my life and healed them completely.
I have come close to death from a septic infection, and recovered.
I have survived in the deep woods with minimal gear( matches, pocket knife and trash bag) for a week
I survived a bear attack, going over a waterfall in a canoe and crashing into a tree while skiing.
My body, like your body has battled trillions of germs in your lifetime, and kept you alive and well during encounters with these.

I have learned to walk, talk, read and write.
I have learned how to cook, sew,paint, sculpt
I have learned how to play piano, guitar, recorder and dulcimer
My body, like yours ,has learned numerous finer things that allow us to create a life more expressive and more beautiful to our senses than that of other animals.

I have conceived life 6 times, four being miscarried, one being stillborn and one being a live birth.
I have nourished these children without my conscious decision within my body for as long as they existed.
I have produced nourishing food for one after his birth and beginning of life as an autonomous being
My body, like yours if you are a female, has an amazing capability to build up nutrients, shed them off if not needed, and not only live to tell the tale but do many other things in the process of this process.

I have a face that is the most important and comforting to at least 3 people on earth.
I have a touch that comforts beyond all others to at least 2 people
I have the ability to restore, comfort and inspire with my presence alone
My body can and has given intense physical pleasure to a few people on earth , and so can yours.

No matter what the scale says, no matter what rack I buy my close off of, no matter how tight the theater seats feel, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Just like you. We are amazing, beautiful feats of engineering and design. We are created with specific tolerances an settings, but continue to go above and beyond them in ways that amaze, until we realize that this is simply part of our design.For all our similarities, there are millions and millions of variations that make us each very unique. Nothing short of amazing when you think about it.

This is the reason I continue on with my own weight loss journey. I am an amazing human being, and I actually love eating clean healthy food. I love moving my body and discovering all of the feats that it is capable of.Yes, I do this to be a mentor to my son , as does my husband, and together we do this to support each others support. But there are reasons all on my on. I discovered them in my first journey, but forgot all about them in the early days of my son. Spending yesterday showering myself with love, along with my guys, helped me to remember.

Next week my exercise will be a bit different. The plan is to wash own ever wall and ceiling in this house, steam clean the carpets, dejunk the closets and drawers and wash the windows. Spring cleaning, and that has always been a very physical week for me.I actually love the process, and I adore the feeling of the house afterwords !


Chews to Lose said...

Beautiful post. You have had an incredibly amazing life (don't know anyone who has been attacked by a bear). Glad you took the day off to love yourself and those around you. You deserve it.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I love this post!

JC said...

Great reflective post. Wonderfully written.

Anonymous said...