Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, weigh in and a theory

It's Saturday , and our weigh in day. I think I should look at getting a picture of a screaming monkey to put with my weigh ins of late.

Me- GAIN 3.4 pounds. Yep, let us celebratethe incomprehensible way my body is working lately !!!
Hubby -GAIN 1.4
Son LOST 2.6 pounds -WHOOP WHOOP boy !!!

I have watched points, calories, carbs and all that. I have certainly got enough exercise ! So it is time to look at other theories. One, I may actually be getting a period. My last one was in September when the geese were leaving, they are returning and I think my ovaries are attracted to their flight patterns or something. Yeah, that's the ticket ! Two, I may be pregnant. I don't feel pregnant, but I have not had a period in a few months and I am gaining weight. It would be the ultimate irony that after 8 years of infertility and then conceeving under nearly home lab type conditions involving charts, tempurature readings and feats of engineering that in my old age I simply become pregnant just by having sex. It makes me laugh at the absurdity of it, but I think I will buy a test tomorrow to rule out that possibility. And then there is possibility three- I have become a magnet for at least some of the pounds shed by Team Angie. Let's face it. We work hard to get them off our bodies, they get off in normal cases, but they have to go somewhere ! Nothing in the universe ever really goes away, but instead changes energy. All these pounds shed by all of you great people has to go somewhere. Perhaps it is on my frame. It's gotta be one of the above. Either that or it is affirmation that I am just not eating enough ice cream and drinking enough booze like I speculated yesterday.
Bike 30 min

Breakfast- AKA Colon Blow
Oatmeal mess(topped with flax,bran, crasins,coconut,goji berries,seeds,olive oil,peanut butter)
nonfat yogert,splenda, fresh blackberries
water, coffee

Lunch-a warm salad
3 oz garlic and dill seasoned chicken
stir steamed asparagus,zuchinni,mushrooms and green onions on
assorted greens in olive oil, garlic and dill
Yo plus digestive yogert,apple
Diet Cherry 7up

Dinner- quick grab because of shopping
Corned beef and provalone sub on whole wheat with greens ( not the best choice ,but quick and could be worse)
Baby mozzerella balls ( it's an italian deli thing)
marinated mushrooms
Diet Cherry 7 up

Snacks ( focusing on things that help relive water retention)
celery sticks,green tea
parsley tea, 17 almonds
Sugar free pudding, sugar free jello
cucumber, celery sticks,fiber plus bar,parsley tea

water 15 (120 oz)
Fruits 3
veg 8
lean protien 2
dairy 3
healthy fats 2


JC said...

Well if it makes you feel better I gained more than you and hubby this week. However, today is a new day to start over. Have a great weekend.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

That's it. It is a bad wave of fat air sweeping the nation !

Me, Only Better said...

I am sorry that you had a gain this week after all your hard work and healthy eating! My gain was due entirely to eating hershey's kisses, so I know who to blame!

I hope things work out better for you next week!

Sarah said...

I am so baffled by this, I don't get it. You eat sooo well. I'm frustrated for you :(

I know you drink lots of water but I saw you drink 2 diet pops a day, have you tried not drinking them for a week? Did it make a difference?

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I have tried giving up diet sodas, and it has absolutely no impact on my weight loss. Stimulating, ,isn't it ?