Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mom,I'm hungry !

We have been taking a slightly different course as far as school goes these last couple of weeks, and somehow wind up with a little more free time. It can be a good thing as well as a bad one. Son, who is also following a weight loss plan , has been having serious attacks of "snackitis". One thing that concerns me with children losing weight is the fact that they are children, and are still in the middle of this normal process called growth. As teens, there is still a lot of growing that is happening both mentally and physically. The bodies response to that process is sometimes increased appetite( ever spent time around normal weight teen boys) My son is 16 yrs old, and is still growing in muscle mass, height and all that jazz. His whole life he has gone through a serious appetite increase and then a growth spurt in height, so when his appetite starts speaking, I try to find him the best snack options. But then there is also the snack because you are bored syndrome. It is not something we have really had to face with him yet on this journey ( been at this for almost 14 months now), and perhaps this was what we were now going to have to deal with. Unless it is EXTREME stress, I learned how to battle my own emotional eating demons in my last journey and have kept those skills close. Now it seems time may have come to pass them on. He kept asking when is snack time, what is the planned snack, what are we going to eat tomorrow, the next day and the next day, and remebering how we went to buy birthday cake two years ago. Uh oh !

So I suggested that we play something on the Wii or take a walk. He argued with me that I insisted today was going to be a rest day and would have none of it. He overstretched his muscles on Monday doing the Downward Dog and was kind of tender.I asked him if he had drank any water since the last meal, and he had so thirst was not a problem. Okay, so think of something else. I suggested I teach him how to play solitaire because if he concentrated on the game he would forget all about snacks. It worked .

We watched The Biggest Loser last night and something about that show makes me feel very guilty taking rest days, no matter how sore I am. So I wound up doing some light work while watching the show.

1/2 c Oatmeal topped with 1 T goji berries,1 T coconut,2 T seed mix,2 T crasins, 2 T flaxseed
1 T peanut butter and 1 t olive oil
Yo plus Digestive Yogert, water,coffee

egg beater omlette (1/2 c egg beaters, 2 c assorted veggies, 1 T olive oil,1/4 c salsa)
1 cup nonfat yogert with cocoa powder and splenda
1 apple, water

Ginger grilled pork loin chops
sweet potato, green beans
tossed salad ( spring mix, cucumber, red pepper, avacado, mushrooms, seed mix, crasins)
Diet Sierra Mist

celery sticks
sugar free chocolate pudding, apple
sugar free jello, 5 almonds
green tea

exercise ( was going to take a break but decided not to) 40 min
Bike 10 min
Ab work with stabilizer ball 30 min

Filling foods 17
water 14

Fruits 3
veg 8
lean protien 2
dairy 2
healthy fats 3

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