Monday, June 21, 2010

Working with energy

Hope you all had a nice Father's Day ! It was a kind of quiet, relaxing day for us that involved the making of a batch of home made butter pecan ice cream. Actually it was home made custard as it had no actual cream but several eggs. Didn't count the calories or points, made it with evaporated milk and Splenda, and simply ate a normal sized serving of it. It was very good.

I have not been focusing on calories, points, fats, sugars or anything food wise. it is not that I have given up ( I have not) but I want to see if this idea of having my body's energy meridians not flowing properly and working to correct it a legitimate try. I energy test all food before I eat it , and every day I do the following energy medicine work out to balance my energies. I will list what it is, and if you are interested in the exact way to preform these they are found in the book Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden

Temporal tap 5 times throughout the day
Daily routine
1. Three Thumps
2 Cross crawl
3.Wayne Cook
4.Crown Pull
5. Lymphatic Massage
6.Hook Up
7.Zip Up
Energy medicine work out
1. Connecting Heaven to Earth
2.Liver Meridian flush
3. Triple Warmer Smoothie
4. Sedating Kidney Meridian
5.Sedating Liver Meridian
6.Grandmother's self empowerment
7. Opening Central Sexual Channel
8. Diaphragm Breath
9. Hormone Hook Up
10, Stimulate Estrogen and progesterone production
11. Thyroid Booster
12 Testosterone Triple Massage
13 Bone Saver
14. Metaolic Breath
15 Massaging Ileocecal and Houston's Valves

I also include the following twice a day

Reiki self Treatment
Hatsuri Ho

I have to say I feel more calm, and my complexion is looking a lot more alive than it has in a long time. While I am not certain of the affects on my weight( yet), I do believe it has had a positive impact on my overall health.


spunkysuzi said...

I'm glad your finding positive improvements! Keep up the great work.

Shae said...

I left you something over on my blog...