Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smiling at my kidneys

Yesterdays exercise log

20 minute walk
pedal 30 min
40 isometric chest presses
100"pull your navel in towards you backbone" thingies
5 animal frolics (QiGong)
QiGong breathing exercises
Smiling at Organs
25 Power Knees
40 wall push ups
50 calf raises
10 Bridging

"What on earth" you may ask is smiling at my organs and how is this an exercise ??? Sounds like a lot of fun and potentially very silly, doesn't it ? It is an exercise for Qigong- something virtually unknown in the west , but has been a part of the oriental world for about 4 thousand years. Qigong translates to mean managing life energy or directed breath, and is used in healing, martial arts and so on.To practice Qigong is much like swimming through air in appearance. To the unaware it looks like a very mild version of Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks or a mime out of make up. What it does is help the flow of subtle energy throughout the mind, body and spirit. In the body it manipulates a system of energy meridians as well as the lymphatic drainage system and major organs in a gentle but effective way. One of the principles is that love is one of the greatest ways to bring healing and balance and that joy brings harmony to the body. Therefore to smile at ones organs ( heart, lungs, kidney, liver and spleen) is in a sense delivering a boost of antioxidants to these organs on a spiritual level. This can help manipulate "stuck " energy and bring healing and vitality. I am a reiki worker who works with subtle energy for 50-70 clients a week , and I have reason to believe that some of my physical issues are a result of stuck residual energy. Qigong can help remedy these clogs. I have heard about qigong and practiced a few of the exercises in the past, but never that seriously. The other night in my dreams " a little bird" told me that these exercises would be of great benefit to me, so I sought out a training program and committed to working through the exercises. Hence, I now do five animal frolics, breathing exercises and smiling at my organs . For now- more will follow.

And almost instantly I am noticing some very dramatic changes. The biggest is with my bladder ! Without going into great detail, let me say that I was able to go an entire three hours without visiting the bathroom. Nothing was different about this day except smiling at my organs.I began to have really serious bladder problems on the day of one of my reiki attunments three years back. Since then, it has ruled my life in more ways than I care to mention. When doing the smiling at my organs exercise for the first time it felt very pleasant but nothing beyond that. The day went on and I began to notice I had to use the bathroom less and less frequently and my knees and hips were feeling a lot more stable. We went shopping for some travel needs last night ,in the rain and damp, and I was able to walk through the whole trip without pain, AND did not need to find the bathroom. Hmmm.....

I plan on continuing the exercises as well as the physical ones. I found pedaling to reruns of Will ad Grace to be a very pleasant way to spend time in the morning.Nick has decided to use the bike thing while playing Guitar Hero- something that makes me crack up when I watch him ! And of course this joy fills our home, making it feel more peaceful and restorative to all the humans as well as the plants. Smiling at my organs and smiling in general is indeed a very good thing


Sally said...

You have reminded me about one of the exercises Paul McKenna wrote about 'The inner smile' I had forgotten about it - and I think I needed to be reminded about so I can do it again. Thanks :-)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

What an interesting post. I always learn things from you. I'm so glad that you are seeing positive results.