Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bellies- making them dance and putting food in them at lunch

First off- the link to the Youtube video on Belly dancing can be found here- it is the first of 4 parts. Suzi asked for it , and it dawned on me that while belly dancing is fun and effective, it is not easy to find a class and a lot of women may not feel comfortable with doing these kinds of exercises in front of anyone else at first. Our culture has such a predisposed idea about belly dancing it seems ! Yes, it is sensual and beautiful, but it also directs energy through the body in a way that we in the west are just beginning to understand. Being able to do this in the privacy of your own home ( with shades pulled and the dog blindfolded) gives you a chance to experience it and see if it is something your body might benefit from.

Now that the pressure is off with school, I seem to have jumped into my own summer stuff easily. Good thing, as it may indicate that I will not have such a difficult time when homeschooling ends next summer. I jumped further into my own studies, started to make a new batch of arnica ointment and had fun exercising at a little less time stressed pace

pedal 30 min
QiGong breathing exercise
Smiling at Organs
Five animal frolics (QiGong)
Belly Dance workout on YouTube
Resistance bands
10 triceps
10 qadraceps
10 glutes
10 biceps

Food was on track but a little repetitive. Cottage cheese again for breakfast ( I give up trying to snap pictures of white food in white bowls) a chicken breast with green beans and quinoa and salad for dinner, but this breakfast for lunch swap for lunch

You take 2 eggs, a quarter cup low fat mozzerella, a feild worth of veggies... actually part of a zuchini , a couple green onions sliced, some mushrooms sliced and red pepper chopped and season it with garlic, dill and tumeric. Filling, healthy , tasty and pretty inexpensive. Scrambled eggs can become a kind of "refrigerator velcro"- heat or saute any leftover veggie or stray fresh one in a pan, crack an egg over it and you have a kind of unfiddly omlette. It's a good go to meal idea when in a pinch. To be honest , I was having way to much fun studying energy medicine and playing with herbs to really think a lot about what to feed people.


spunkysuzi said...
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spunkysuzi said...

Thanks for the link! I'm having cottage cheese for breakfast tomorrow, unfortunately i don't like the taste of it so it's going into some protein waffles :)
Have a great day my friend