Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Been a week of wrapping up last minute things, making lists and working hard to create study cards in preparation for very long car ride to Tennessee this week, peppered by attempts to reign in the "lord of the Flies" atmosphere with my son. So far, so good. I am having him make some of his own meals in order to get a better grasp at portion sizes, for one thing. It is one thing to look at what a half of a cup of something is in a bowl , but it makes a deeper connection if you are the one actually measuring it out for yourself. I also had to hide a few things till he regains some control.

As to myself I am still doing the energy exercises and working through some hands on learning of the body meridians. It is really interesting , and I am finding that with practice I am able to actually feel the subtle energies with each. I find them on myself and then check them our on Nick or Bob to help my mind clarify. it strikes me a similar to learning a new language, and practicing with the sedating/stimulating/reflex points helps to really understand how this "thing" flows through the body.

Our mini indoor garden is thriving, and we have a couple of still ripening cherry tomatoes on the plants. Nick is really excited to see that he did indeed pollinate the flowers correctly and now fresh tomatoes will happen in a couple of weeks. Gardening with kids is always a rewarding project- the process of the natural world often comes off as something magical to them.

Foodwise, we seem to have moved into a bit of a rut - lots of salads, roast veggies and simple meats for dinner, hummus and veggies for lunch and cottage cheese , fruit and granola for breakfast. I am hoping to get into a more exciting round of things when we get back from vacation, but for now it is kind of use it up and stay the course mode.


Anonymous said...

He pollinated himself? Impressive!!

I didn't realize you lived in Bartlett -- I used to play hockey up there all the time :) Small world!

Leslie said...

Hi! I've been pretty busy this week and not getting in as much blog reading as usual. I did see that your weight was down again this week, which is great. All you energy exercises seem to be moving stuff around!

Your rut food sounds great to me, and very much like what I've been doing this week.

I'm leaving tomorrow for 4 days and will not be online at all, so I want to wish you a great and safe vacation. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

spunkysuzi said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great week!