Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mommy school

During the summer, Mondays and Fridays are going to be the days where I have a bit more "me " time, and it proved to be a busy one. I had plans set , and the best way to fuel them was with a good breakfast and get my exercise out of the way first. We had cottage cheese with fruit salad and homemade granola to get the party started

I am beginning to think that there is nothing more difficult than taking a picture of cottage cheese in a white dish ! It is there- trust me. Exercise was as follows
pedal 30 min
QiGong breathing exercise
Smiling at Organs
Five animal frolics (QiGong)
40 minute walk
Resistance bands
10 triceps
10 quadriceps
10 gluts
10 biceps
The resistance bands were inspired by a tv commercial that showed this great exercise chair for seniors. The chair makes a whole lot of sense for so many reasons !

Next I picked up on further study of meridians and nutritional support. Something in the back of my mind keeps telling me that I am dealing with an insufficiency in my kidney meridian , and that is the root cause of the arthritis flares. There has been a high demand for reiki the past few weeks and it seems to correspond with when the flairs started getting really bad. Reiki does not do any harm and what i channel is not my own energy, but the energy flows through me much in the same way water flows through a pipe. If the pipe has a bit of rust, the increase in water flow can make it burst after a time, and no matter how pure water appears to be it contains particles that will build up as a sediment, and when the sediment is cleared it can stress the pipes. Intense study reminds me of my college days and other times when I crammed information. Eventually you wind up saying things like "can't brain any more - thought hurts !"

Lunch was a quick grab- hard boiled eggs, a slice of corned beef rolled up, a peach and some celery and carrot sticks. Easy to eat while I tried to catch up on email and further reiki requests.

Dinner was another crockpot meal- Tomato Florentine sausage soup with salad ( romaine, watercress and fruit salad) I am noticing these bowls are really nice for soup as they are very shallow and spread things out so they cool fast. What you are looking at here is 2 cups ( measured in a measuring cup) of soup, but because it is spread out it looks like a vat of soup. Same thing with the salad- a fistful of the cut greens and 3/4 cup of the fruit salad. I love that these bowls make it so easy to toss stuff when you eat ! I was at Walmart yesterday afternoon for an errand run and I was looking at some of the summer kinds of dishes, but decided to pass on them. While they are colorful and fun looking, they would not allow for quick cooling, easy mixing or stack so well in a cabinet !

School today. Hopefully it will flow smoothly


Becky said...

Ok still here and loving your blog, but i have to ask, 'how many calories are you eating a day', after the last 2 blogs i kept asking my self, 'how the heck is she full at all', it just doesn't seem like enought calories to keep me full, (5 '10 -190lbs). The food looks amazing, but what's your secret for staying full on it?

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

To be honest I no longer count. I tried the calorie thing , with basing my intake on 2500 calories, then 2000 calories, 1800 calories, 1500 calories and no change in my loss patterns. I started with Weight Watchers and a points range of 33 per day ( according to their guidelines) lost for the first 2 months and then hit this stall that will not budge no matter what. I even tried upping it to 2800 calories and no change. I have PCOS and insulin resistance , and right now it seems that the only thing that makes me lose is when I am about to have a period, but it is proceeded by two weeks of gain ( and the loss never makes up for the gain). With PCOS you do not get a regular predictable cycle , so it makes any attempt at working with that cycle ( or predicting it) totally impossible. I assure you i am not hungry, not overly full, never obsessing about food or snacks or anything else- just comfortable I do eat a cup of nonfat yogurt with 3/4 cup of blueberries and 1/4 cup of granola in the evening for a dessert thing ( mainly because I get a little bit concerned about getting in enough calcium for my age). I drink a LOT of water throughout the day and I think that helps keep you feeling satiated.

Becky said...

I was thinking mabye you drank a lot of water. I'm going to make a few of your recipes, i love to try new home cooked meals, thanks for answering my question.

Leslie said...

Your food does look great. Interesting reading about meridians. My closest friend is an acupuncturist so I've become more familiar with that discipline and the philosophy behind it.

Never tried reiki but am very interested in it.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You did a lot of work today for your "me" time! I did have to look twice for the cottage cheese on the white plate - but I definitely saw it - good photography skills there.

I liked your answer to Becky about staying full-you have such a healthy relationship to food.