Friday, June 11, 2010

Old friends

Yesterday's exercise

pedal 15 min
QiGong breathing exercise
Smiling at Organs
25 minute walk
100 isometric chest presses
"pull your navel in towards you backbone" thingies
5 animal frolics (QiGong)
50Power Knees
30 wall push ups
45 calf raises
40 Bridging

It was amazing I got any of this done ! Between school and getting tons of messages from old friends on Facebook , the day was a total blur of activity. It did make me realize one important thing though- I aspire to be a hermit ! Seriously. It is not that I dislike people- I love them and think they are a great idea. However, there energy gets to be painful. I get hit with the unspoken chatter and things in their energy field, and it feels like I am suddenly in a revolving wind tunnel, trying to read all the papers flying around me because they have something importaint to say.I dislike crowds for the same reason, and gatherings of anything more than 5 people exhaust me because of all of the nonverbal chatter. This is one of the reasons why I chose the spiritual path I have. Anyway, coming back into the fold with old friends was nice, but time consuming and really exhausting ! After dinner I felt myself mentally crashing and just wanted to spend time hugging a tree or something.

Not sure what today's workout will look like. Nick seems to be really bothered by some air born thing at the moment, and it is usually an indication that his room and the carpet require some deep cleaning attention. We have a date with a rag, bucket and the carpet shampooer, then later this afternoon grocery shopping and an appointment with Mt Chop Me. I may not hit the bike, but I will certainly be moving !


spunkysuzi said...

You definitely keep yourself busy!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I like the new blog layout! It is very soothing. Congratulations on all that exercise. There are times where I just need to be by myself and unplug from everything.

Enjoy cleaning your son's room!