Thursday, June 10, 2010

If I use scotch tape , perhaps I can hold this smile in place

Yesterday's exercise

pedal 20 min
QiGong breathing exercise
Smiling at Organs

On the light side yesterday as we ran into a real snag with school, and it took a marathon session to help Nick understand the concept. A 20 minute lesson became a 4 hour thing that felt like a Jillian Micheals last chance work out, but for the brain. It was a blindside hit !

Autistic children often have problems comprehending things that do not have a concrete example to back them up. You can say the door is open and they understand. If you said that the door was ajar, they would be totally confused looking for the screw top lid. Prepositional phrases can take a long time for them to understand and even longer to create on their own. Yesterday's exercise dealt with writing similes and metaphors, and he simply does not get it. It started out "A smile is like a sunny day" , to which he looked confused, felt my face and said that it was not hot.I attempted to explain, and we were getting no where fast. He could not understand that if you say that an apple is like a ball it was not the same as saying I like an apple or I like a ball. I don't drink, but by the end of the day I was really wishing for a stiff one !

He still does not get it...heavy sigh

Then it was on to menu planning, as shopping has to happen on Friday because of commitments on Saturday. This begins a stretch of Saturday commitments and a lot of eating out. Concerts, weddings, birthdays - all happy occasions but really odd that they are all clumping together . I really have to rely on the calendar to plan through all this good stuff. Is it just me or is this summer busier than normal ?


Leslie said...

I really respect you home schooling your son. And when you were describing the "session", I could totally see how difficult not only similes and metaphors would be for a certain brand of concrete thinker, but the whole English language as well.

It seems like we can go for months with few events, and then they clump together for awhile and you start to crave empty free time! Enjoy it all.

Leslie said...

Sorry to double dip, but I wanted to thank you for your comment. Your mention of getting past the age where your father had his first H/A is along the lines of my stuff. And that it was an "antsy" time...exactly. Interesting the landmarks we establish in our lives as we muddle through!