Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weigh in and what if ?

Weigh in

Me DOWN 1.0
Nick UP 2.2
Bob UP 1.4

We have all eaten the same ( guys a little more because the male body requires a few more calories than the female, all moved exactly the same level. ONLY difference is that I have been working with Qigong and Energy medicine on myself, and I lost.

This coming week I am going to try something completely radical. I am going to energy test all food for my body , and no matter what it is follow the results as to my eating it or not. I am abandoning all forms of conventional physical exercise in favor of energy workouts. It is the only way I will know for certain that it works.

I have a theory- and that is obesity is not necessarily cause by substances in foods or the amount of food but rather that it is being caused by living in a world filled with electrical devices. All of these things that make our life so much easier create a kind of electromagnetic pull that throws off our bodies meridian energy. When the meridian energy is altered, the body no longer works in balance. With our energy out of whack in our digestive system, we no longer properly absorb nutrients or process them. Deficiency is the result , and that leads to numerous illnesses, including emotional things like binge eating. Don't think this is so ? Consider how many minutes of your life you spend every day, not in the presence of some electrical device ? There is your alarm clock in your bedroom , lights and perhaps even a tv, radio or computer. In your bathroom is lights and perhaps a battery operated scale or tooth brush. Your kitchen contains a refrigerator, lights, microwave, numerous small appliances , your dining room contains lights and then there are all the devices in your living room. If you are health concious you strap on a Body Bugg or pedometer, go for a run with an MP3 player, cell phone, GPS device or work out with an electrical device ( or at least battery powered read out) device. Computers. cell phones, TV- all of these things operate with electricity and any electrical device has a degree of resonance or electromagnetic field. What if we are all simply environmentally sick ? And if it is energy that is throwing us out of balance, energy can bring us back into balance.

Or so I currently belive


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Interested to hear what your findings/experience is!

Congrats on your loss this week :)

spunkysuzi said...

Way to go on figuring out what would work for you this week :)
Can't wait to hear about your progress

Leslie said...

Looking forward to hearing your results. And congrats on the pound down! I keep forgetting to say I love your new background!