Friday, June 25, 2010

Re-tooling my brain

Have you ever felt like there was too much information and not enough room in your head to fit it in ? That is kind of how I am feeling these days ! Meridians, lymphatic reflex points, sedating and stimulating points, massage points with lions. tigers and bears...Oh My !!! I have taken to making note cards for myself, covering them with contact paper and putting them on a big fat ring to help me remember them all ( and bring the notes with me to study when I get those odd moments of down time. I never did that when I was formally in school, but when I discovered this idea for homeschool, it struck me as a brilliant way to fly !

I have been working the energy medicine routines on myself, and I am noticing there are a lot of times when I just do not feel like I want to eat, no matter how tasty the food in front of me is. In the past , when I felt this way i would often tell myself that I should eat because the next meal is scheduled for ** time or that there will not be an opportunity go eat again till *** o'clock so I best eat now. For whatever reason, these massage exercises have made my brain flip some kind of switch and it is now if I am not hungry , food does not even really register as something that needs to be done. I have found several meals just kind of sitting there. The energy testing of food seems to have clicked and I am noticing that I am able to perceive if a food is compatible or incompatible with my energy just by being near it.

I am not sure what will happen with weigh in tomorrow. Nick has kind of fallen into a "Lord of the Flies" scene with eating. He knows what is good and bad for him, but also knows that if mom is occupied he can get away with murder ( suck the normal kid behavior !). I have seen evidence that he is sneaking food in the middle of the night - something he had NEVER done till we started this weight loss through traditional methods . I am reminding him of better alternatives and other behaviors, but at the moment it is kind of like a girls gone wild episode in his mind - or a spring break type thing. One step at a time- find what is working with me, then teach it to him.

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