Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What have you done today ?

Tuesdays are the day that I plan our menus for the next week and the shopping list. Yes, how very Donna Reed indeed- but it is necessary for economic survival, sanity and keepin us on track. Nothing is worse that getting busy, getting hungry and then trying to figure out what to eat while staring at the fridge contents or freezer. You will grab the first thing- usually a bad thing- and the day gets blown. With three people doing weight loss, planning becomes essential to insure we have enough healthy choices on hand, that junk does not enter the house and that we get in all of the health goals. With this new calorie count wrinkle, it will insure I only have to pull my hair our one day a week instead of every meal.It is really hard to get people up to the correct calorie level and NOT rely on junk !

Breakfast was part freezer meal , part fresh. A couple of weeks ago when I made a session of breakfast burritos I wound up with more filling than wraps, so I portioned the excess filling into single serve containers and froze it, Egg beaters, mushrooms, onions, turkey sausage. I heated this on the oven and then served it on a bed of polenta ( 3 T stone ground cornmeal to 1 c water) with 1/4 cup shredded mozerella and a cut up Roma tomato. Coffee and water joined in

Got school underway and about mid-morning we did Wii boxing for gym class and took a short walk. Our day was going well and then hubby emailed me telling me about some changes in his schedual for the week. This meant some altering of plans, an a spontaneous lesson of doing laundry or son. In time we broke for lunch
Turkey ham on Arnolds Thin, tossed green salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, 15 grapes and a 100 calorie pack of smartfood popcorn. I was kind of in a crunching mood so the popcorn called my name.

We finished school a little later than usual , which was great as hubby was going to be home late, and grabbed our usual after school snack

The afternoon saw me finishing up menu planning, shopping list, lots of hair pulling, setting up for the next days school and making dinner.

Oven fried chicken nuggets ( make an emulsion of olive oil and lemon juice, dip chicken peices in , roll in crushed cornflakes , spray with Pam and bake 375 for 25 minutes. On the side was steamed green beans and mashed turnips. Comforting food after a stressful kind of day. After dinner b9oth hubby and I were looking forward to the new season of The Biggest Loser ! I had my evening snack while we watched.

So what did I think of this seasons opener ? Well this may not be popular , but I have decided I am done watching the show. It is irresponsible, unrealistic, and verbally abusive. Nothing new, but I am asking myself why I find this worthy of my time ? I think I am going to watch Dancing with the stars or 18 kids and counting instead. It has a lot more inspiration for me.

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