Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weigh in week 3

Week three of the new plan of eating according to calories and exchanges, and a weigh in.
I lost 0.6
Son lost 1.0
Hubby lost 1.2
I have to confess, I am having a problem. My system is such that if I do not eat a certain level of grains, I get constipated, but if I eat more than 4 servings of grains, my weight loss stalls or I gain. Currently I am having a problem with being constipated, and it is VERY uncomfortable. With the amount of vegetables, water and fiber I am taking in, this should not be a problem, but it is. I don't know what to do about it. Ideas ?

Breakfast was 1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1 cup mixed frozen berries and a Thomases Better Start whole wheat light english muffin smeaed with 2 T whipped berry cream cheese and coffee.

Lunch was provalone melted on an Arnold's lite with a spinach carrot tomato salad , cup of chicken rice soup and some beets. I did not eat the whole thing, only about 4 pieces and decided I really did not want it. I miscalculated the fruit and veggie needs for the week and this whole day was relying on least favorite options.

Snack was cinnamon apple sauce and a pack of cocoa almonds. Commercially made applesauce in a jar may technically be food, but it is a horrible substitute for a fresh apple !

Dinner was a whole veggiepalooza. Meatloaf made with ground turkey, spinach, onions and carrots with mashed cauliflower, steamed green beans and zuchinni noodles on the side. Part of the mix was to use up the last of the fresh veggies from the week , and other part was we were all kind of hungry.

We made our first pass at the grocery store in the afternoon and got some apples and berries- yay ! For evening snack I had my bar ( I choose these to attempt to help with my problem) , 17 almonds, an apple and a chocolate pudding because I really wanted one !

Thus begins a new week. Goal for the week is to figure out a way to increase exercise, still teach school, still run a house, still keep up with reiki clients and perhaps get back to my own studies !

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Retta said...

I know how frustrating it can get when your body is not doing what it should! I don't have any suggestions for you, sorry. Just keep on keepin on!