Friday, September 11, 2009

Between two slices

For reasons I can only guesstimate, every meal yesterday wouund up being som variation of the sandwich ! Sometimes when I plan a menu I get this special sort of amnesia that makes me forget to check what else is being served that day, and weirdness results.

Breakfast on this bright sunny morning was a Thomases Better Start lite english muffin, half topped with a tablespoon of peanut butter and the other half topped with a tablespoon of whipped lite cream cheese with berries. An apple and a can of low sodium V8 joined in the fun. I was really hesitant about this breakfast, as i worried that we were all going to be very hungry mid morning from such a light meal, but it was fine. Son and I decided to get in a workout with the Wii fit after this , before our school day. Suddenly he is making spontaneous decisions to exercise, and he encourages me to join him. It is really nice to see that he is getting it at this level !

Lunch was a hot turkey ham and cheese on an Arnolds Thin with carrots, celery, cucumbers and tomato and a diet soda. I was really hungry by this time, and after I finished I was still hungry, so I grabbed a 100 calorie pack of Sun Chips. It was the day before shopping and our fruit and veggie stock is getting very low, so one of the 100 calorie packs was the best option.

It was a VERY hungry afternoon for us, and to add insult to injury, the people living above us decided to bake brownies. The smell wafted down to our apartment, and both son and I sat there drooling and trying to identify just what kind of brownies they were. We had our snacks- mine was an apple, 100 calorie pack of almonds , a cup of coffee and a huge glass of ice water. That helped somewhat, but the smell was still calling me. I went in and drew a hot bath with some essential oils for a strong smell. No matter how hungry or nibbly I have ever gotten, I have never eaten while in the bathtub. It's a good place to head when I fear I might lose control !

Originally when I planned dinner, it was selected because Thursday Nights are the first round of grocery shopping. Plans got changed this week , but dinner stayed the same. A hot roast beef and provolone sandwich on Arnold s Thin, cucumbers and tomatoes, alphabet soup and a diet soda. I think my stomach was a little more adjusted to this sandwich fare because it filled me up more than lunch. I think perhaps the soup helped .

After dinner we went out to investigate a local site of interest and when we got back I made a serving of chocolate yogert with ground flax ( 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt, 2 T flax, 2 T cocoa power and 2 pks stevia) with an apple and a Fiber Plus bar. This really topped off my tank so to speak, and I felt comfortably full for the first time all day !

Note to self- no more 3 sandwich meal days !


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Sometimes I do the same thing, but with the nightly meals. I'll realize that we have had 3 nights of beans, or pasta, or rice. My family is great though - because they know if they complain - I'll just turn the kitchen over to them.

Sounds like you are making really great choices!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Hey, it looks good to me! I love sandwiches!!

Nice that your son is suggesting exercise. I guess our kids DO listen to us...eventually!

Retta said...

We just got fresh cucumbers from a neighbor so I'll be adding those to the next few meals. Those are probably my favorite thing to munch on!
I got the contest on my "Losing My Body Fat" blog today.