Sunday, September 6, 2009

Better day Saturday

It was a MUCH better day on the walking front. Sometimes, on the weekends, everything falls into place with the to do lists and we can get in more time for fun things. If it is a week where I have to devote less time to school prep, then it means more time for other things and then moe time for play. It really varies according to what we are studying. In any case we are all committed to more exercise this week , and we kicked it off with a short walk outside after lunch.

Breakfast was non pumpkin oatmeal with toppings. Ground Flax, Goji berries, dried blueberries, dried cranberries , coconut, almond butter and olive oil. We all love this one so much that if given a choice between this and going for breakfast, we opt for this.

Lunch was grabbed at the grocery store and brought home. It was a HUGE sandwich on a foccaccia, filled with roast turkey, pesto, lettuce and provalone cheese. I did not eat most of it. I took a bite of the whole thing and it was way too breaddy, the pesto was too oily and the chicken dry. So I pulled out the filling and gave the foccaccia to the guys, who are bread lovers and can have more calories than I can have. On the side was one of the new Yoplait Yogurt Delights. My verdict is they are a darned good desert substitute, but way too sweet to be a yogurt option. Not saying I will not buy these again, but if I do they will be for dessert.

We came back from our walk and I had The old reliable snack- cocoa almonds with a new crop Gala apple. Honeycrisps will be showing up soon !

Dinner was turkey sloppy joes on Arnolds with carrots, celery and cucumbers. Saturday night dinners are bes when they are quick and easy fixes. Saturday night here is game night, and we played Wii Ski resort and Wii darts . Afterwords hubby and I caught Bridget Jones Diaries. What can I say- we have a lot of movies to catch up on !

During the movie we had our weekly desert- the berry pudding "parfait" , and this week I added some ground flax to mine. I think adding ground flax to my evening snack in some way will help with the constipation problem. I also had a nightly Fiber Plus bar for the same reason. I prefer not to resort to drugs for most problems as they only address the symptoms and not the root cause of a problem. Most things can be cured through diet and lifestyle changes, and so I am giving it a try to address this issue.


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

that does sound like a great day with yummy eats!

Retta said...

I never even thought to use ground turkey for Sloppy Joe's ... would that make them Sloppy Tom's? LOL Thanks for the idea! That would be MUCH healthier!
A side note about The Biggest Loser & Dancing With The Stars ... NBC shows full episodes of The Biggest Loser on their website either an hour after the show ends or on the next day (they did last year any way) .. so if you have high speed internet, you could watch Dancing on the night it airs & Biggest Loser the next day. Maybe Dancing does the same thing?