Monday, September 21, 2009

Truths discovered

Belly dancing it seems , has two truths for me. First, it is best practiced in total privacy ! A few years back I had a Videotape set of the twin bellydancing instructors that I was using ( on the advice of my gyno to help improve my abdominal tone as well as my bladder, uterus and all that) and I would use them every day till my son would start laughing and talking about mommy's belly jiggling. (Gee thanks kiddo- you are one big reason it is the way it is now). So eventually I stopped doing them. I am not trying to do that workout any more ( certain moves are very painful on my knee) , but rather perfecting different motions that require more from my abdominal muscles than anything. At least for now. I got the privacy yesterday morning while they went to church, and I had a lot of fun , and the lack of giggling was a HUGE plus .

Second truth- working on these stomach muscles brought almost instant relif to my knee, which is making me belive that the cause of the problem might well be a pinched or pressed nerve due to a disc in my back. It is possible that one of the discs is just slightly out of alignment and putting weird pressure on the nerve. Working abdominal rolls shifted something, and the pain dissapeared. Not only that, but it stayed dissapearded for the rest of the day and into the night. I actually got a decent nights sleep last night, even with it being very damp and humid. Weird but true.

I am also discovering that trying to eat a 200 calorie a day diet and make it be quality healthy food is kind of hard to swallow. By that I mean there seems to be a heck of a lot of food !

Breakfast was a homemade Fiber One waffle made with extra water( we like them thinner) and a slice of turkey ham with 1/4 cup of syrup and coffee - 300 calories

Lunch was a recipe of Pepper Steak from a weight watchers cookbook with 2 fortune cookies and a diet soda - 451 calories. It was kind of interesting that this plate of pepper steak with brown rice ( covered by the mixture) was 10 calories less than a McDonalds Grilled chicken sandwich. Veggies bring volume to the party !

My afternoon favorite - 170 calories

Dinner was a Garlic pepper poached chicken breast, 2 oz(measured raw) Heartland Pasta with garlic, steamed asparagus , sliced cucumber and tomatoes with a diet soda- 390 calories

After dinner , this Aldi's imitation Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich joined in
He is so cute at 130 calories !

I also added a Fiber Plus bar, a probiotic yogurt and an apple later in the evening for 310 calories, but for some reason Blogger does not like the picture and I cannot upload it. Total calories consumed for the day was 1751- which is a 250 calorie deficit from my 2000, but I was not hungry in the least, nothing appealed to me snack wise so I just left it be.

Have a great Monday !

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Very interesting that the dancing gave you knee relief. I'll bet you are right that there is a correlation between your back/abdominals/knee. I hope the relief continues.

I found it so interesting (and true) that when you are eating 2000 healthy calories, you are full! 2000 calories of the kind of food you are eating is a lot different than 2000 calories of candy. (Which I could totally do before!!)

Congratulations on all your great choices!