Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sort of running away for half a day

Hubby realized that life has been crazy busy, we are in danger of falling too far behind and it has been a while since we spent any time together, so when he got called to sing yet another funeral yesterday( there have been 8 in the last 6 weeks), he chose to take the day off and spend it catching up. Smart man- and a real sweetheart ! So in the morning son and I did school while he sang at the funeral and did mundane things like get the oil changed, and after lunch we went to the Goodwill to find some clothes for son ( he is still transitioning size and will be for a while so a brand new wardrobe would be wasted at this point), and I found a couple of shirts for myself. Then we made a quick stop in the woods, and it felt like a whole new world.

Breakfast was cottage cheese, blueberries and a Thomases Better Start lite whole grain English muffin and coffee

Lunch was turkey breast on an Arnolds Thin with a tossed green salad. Quick because I really wanted to blow this popsicle stand for a while ! I had an apple and 100 calorie pack cocoa almonds when we got home and I forgot to take a picture !

Dinner was a turkey burger ( homemade from a chub of ground turkey), red whole grain rice and ratatouille with a salad. This dinner started a debate. As I have mentioned before my son is autistic, and one of the quirks of that spectrum is a tendancy to be VERY literal. Idioms confuse them- if they hear a phrase like I am keeping my eyes on you or we see things eye to eye, they look for physical eyes doing the actions. With my son it extends to food, and when he heard we were having ratatouille, he kept insisting it was not food, but the movie. Even when dinner was served, he insisted that what is on the plate was not ratatouille. Happily he went to sing at choir rehearsal with dad before it became an all night debate and melt down. While they were gone I worked with some reiki clients, which benefits others as well as myself. After I worked I broke for this snack
A cup of plain yogert with a cut up apple and a chopped up Fiber One Bar. Sort of a variation on some breakfasts I have made in the past. Verdict is Fiber Ones are better eaten as bars than as additions. It was a good day- I even go in a decent amount of walking for the day !

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