Monday, September 7, 2009

Productive day

Yesterday was a sort of kick back Sunday, and I got a chance to accomplish everything I had to and wanted to - yay ! I got in a lot of walking, caught up on my own studies AND got to pick up my guitar for a solid 45 minutes !It may not sound like much to some, but it had been so long since I played that I was afraid I had lost my calouses. People who play stringed instruments know how important they are- and how PAINFUL they can be to develop !

The day started out with something different- 2 toaster waffles and sausage with fresh blueberry syrup. You place 1/4 cup of bluberries in the microwave for about 2 minutes, till they burst and become runny. pour on and then add 1/4 cup non cooked. Sunday mornings here are almost like weekday mornings when hubby has an early mass, and a little more so when it happens to be at the congregation both he and our son are singing in the choir with. Toaster waffles abd brown and serve sausage are quick and flexible for staggered eaters !

The guys were back for lunch and we had opened faced turkey ham and cheese melts on Arnolds thins with cucumbers, tomatoes and an apple.This was some smoked cheddar we found at Aldis, and it gives a really nice rich flavor to whatever you put it on. Heating these makes them more satisfying than just a cold sandwich.

Snack time !

Dinner was country steak with gravy, mashed turnip potatoes, garlic mushroom broccoli and a salad wih romaine, cucumbers and tomatoes. The "steak" was actually ground turkey seasoned with salt, pepper and dried onions, formed into patties and baked at 400 for 25 minutes. Gravy was 2 T margarine melted and then add 1/4 cup flour, 2 cups of beef stock and 1 tsp dried onion. The "taters" were turnips, peeled, cubed and boiled with a packet of stevia, then mashed and mixed with 2 T plain nonfat yogert, 1 T margarine and salt and pepper. The broccoli and mushrooms were steamed and then sprinkled liberally with garlic powder. Low fat, lo calorie comfort food -347 calories per person .

Evening snack was a cup of vanilla yogert with 2 T ground flax, an apple and a Fiber Plus bar. I think if I include ground flax in something at least once a day it will help my system to regulate. I am already taking acidopholis capsules, getting plenty of water and fiber, and enough fat. We shall see how this helps. Next step will be dandelion root something !

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Ruth Rogers said...

Playing the guitar does hurt at first. I have yet to get over that point because it hurts so bad and I don't keep it up. Glad that you got everything accomplished and enjoyed playing your guitar.