Tuesday, September 29, 2009

O goosey darling....

Yesterday morning we went for a long walk in the stiff wind with cool temps. Definitely a fall morning here ! As we walked and observed the colorful leaves clinging for dear life, a small gaggle of geese decided this would be a good resting place, and they came to a landing. Have you ever watched geese land ? While they may be able to fly long distances and swim comfortably in cold water, they are not very graceful at landing. They hit the ground, they stumble and sometimes they even crash into each other. When the latter happens, there are no goose fights because one goose perceived that another was invading their space or disrespecting. They simply go about their business as a group. It occurred to me that there is a weight loss lesson in these feathered friends. Life will fly along with our efforts, and some events and circumstances are going to crash into us. We cannot let them affect our decision to continue on the journey, and their collision with us is not intentional.When they happen, we have to just get back to the business at hand. Our landings ( weight loss attempts) are not always picture perfect. We make mistakes, pick approaches that do not necessarily work with our body ( The Grapefruit Diet, the Hot Dog Diet, etc) but that does not mean we cannot complete the journey. A different approach , a different angle at which we plant our feet ( different, sensible eating plan) and finding a more open surface ( a sensible exercise program) will make our landings look better. And as always, the journey is safer and more successful when taken with companions.

Breakfast yesterday was an interesting result of a crash landing- our Aldi's ran out of the original wraps and so I had to substitute Thomases English Muffins. The filling was supposed to go in a burritto, and contained 1/6th of a bell pepper, 2 mushrooms, 1/3 of an onion, 3 slices turkey bacon diced, 1/4 cup shredded Italian blend cheese and 1/2 cup egg beater. You cook the veggies and bacon. mix with the egg and cheese, spread on a big jelly roll pan and bake 20 min at 350. Take it our, cut it into mortion size( I made enough filling for 6) , and the result was a sandwich too big to bite ! V8, a probiotic yogert and a honeycrisp apple -400 calories

Lunch was a Pizza on a wrap from the freezer , made with red pepper hummus, mozzarella cheese, bacon bits, mushroom and green pepper strips, carrot sticks, 2 baby clementines and a Snack Pack pudding with a diet soda-440 calories

Afternoon snack( not pictured ) was the usual for 270 caolories

Dinner was a potato and ground turkey curry with sliced cucumbers and another diet soda for 475 calories. I am not sure if I will make this again- the curry flavor was not quite there. Later in the evening, while watching Dancing with the stars I had 2 wasa multi grains, 2 laughing cow lights, 100 calorie pack of almonds and a honeycrisp apple for 340 calories. Daily total was 1925.

Less windy today but cooler. Several more geese have been flying overhead today. I wonder what they will teach me on our walk today ?

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Sometimes a crash landing can be good! Sometimes not. . .

I think your english muffin breakfast sandwich sounds really good, albeit hard to eat.

I love the geese analogy.