Friday, September 4, 2009

Weight watcher surprize and a movie

I heard something kind of amusing/interesting yesterday. Michelle Duggar (TLC 19 kids and counting) is pregnant with number 20. It turns out she had a gut feeling that she was done having babies and decided to try Weight Watchers to lose weight. She followed the plan perfectly but did not lose any weight. This combined with the fact that her current nursing baby was constantly fussy and unsatisfied ,along with the fact that she kept eating pickles, led her to take a test and she found out why. Two thoughts on that- one is that if anyone could learn to make Weight Watchers work on a strict budget using normal food it would be the Duggars, and I am sorry to see that this experiment will end. Second, it brings back memories of when my weight loss first started to stall. I was not cheating but gaining for no reason. Sadly in my case it is not pregnancy that was causing the stall. Could have been fun though !

Breakfast yesterday was 2 egg burritos with a cup of plain yogert sprinkled with a tablespoon of granola and a can of V8 and coffee.

Lunch was turkey sloppy joes on Arnolds Thins, celery and carrot sticks and 3 bean salad. Reason for the bean salad was we miscalculated the fruit and veggie needs for the week and things are a little close till Saturday . It's not the end of the world, and one reason canned veggies were created in the first place.

The normal snack fare. I can't help it- I really love this combo !

Dinner was Blackbean butternut squash turkey chili, cornbread and a green salad. This chili was following someone elses recipe instead of my own, and it was not good. I like chili, but neither of the guys do. That is unless it is made with salsa and not tomatoes. I miscalculated my salsa stash, found there was none, and had to make it with tomatoes. Healthy and something real chili lovers would enjoy, but never again here.

For some reason we decided to watch Mamma Mia last night on On Demand, and I grabbed my snack to munch while I watched. I really did not like it, and hubby was not impressed either. In my case, I was never that much of an Abba fan, and the movie seemed like a badly written plot to frame around Abba songs. Hubby did like Abba, but did not like the story and came to the conclusion that Peirce Brosnan should not sing. That is the beauty of cable- you can catch movies you miss at the theater and pay a lot less to see them ! Now if I could figure out how to get a treadmill or stationary bike in here we could exercise while we are watching mindless movies !



I hope you don't take offense to this correction, as I always welcome when readers correct me on mistakes in my blog. The Duggars currently have eighteen children and the show is called "18 Kids and Counting" and they are pregnant with #19, not #20.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

My bad- I keep losing count between the title of the show and the subtitle of her book . Then add John and Kate plus 8( minus one squared by ...) and the other big family Table for 12. 20 seems more balanced in my brain than 19 and so it defaulted to the number.And technically this is number 20 for her- she had a miscarriage early on in their marriage and it formed their stand on birth control .