Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not Back to School day

For some reason, Blogger is having problems uploading pictures from my computer this morning, so it is going to have to be a post without food pictures . Sorry about that !

Yesterday was Day 2 of our 2 day "Not Back to School" holiday. It is something that a lot of homeschoolers do- when the mainstream schools get back in session, we celebrate our Independence by doing something fun. Originally the plan was for my husband and son to go into Chicago by train and see the sights, but Oprah was taping her opening show of the season and they had several blocks of traffic closed off and it was a nightmare getting around down there s a result. So, we choose to spend another day in the woods.

Breakfast was Fiber One pancakes with two brown and serve sausage and bluberries. Yummy ! We headed to a nearby nature center/wildlife hospital to make animal tracks, see some resident bald eagles, bobcats, a butterfly garden and more. It was very pretty , but also very humid and it made it difficult for me to walk around a lot. But, walk we did with a lot of stops. After that we went to a different forest that has a short trail to a waterfall, but my legs were so unstable at that point it would have been dangerous to walk the trail. So we kind of walked around the parking area and then headed for lunch.

Now it gets...well not completely good. We chose a Chinese buffet that was in that area. In the old days this one was one of out absolute favorites , and being so near said lets do. We did pretty good with our choices, but chineese buffets are pretty high in sodium and bad fats, so even the best choices are not exactly the best. It was just as delicious as ever, and we were pretty comfortable when we left for home.

Had to head home because I had to ease back into the weekly rhythym. There was lunches to pack, school materials to get ready and next weeks menu to start planning, and we were all little tired form two days out in the woods and fresh air. So home again. Dinner was grilled turkey burgers, zuchini and tomatoes, brown rice and salad. Evening snack was yogert, ground flax, and apple and a Fiber One bar.

Today, back to the grind !

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

What a great idea! We are homeschoolers too and I had never heard of that Holiday!!

I better not tell my kids or they might want to take that holiday right now!