Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weigh in and thoughts

So...I lost 3.8 lbs this week.

While this should be a reason to get up and cheer, I cannot help but feeling that it is not a legitimate weight loss. I began to take an herb to help with my knee, and it has reduced the swelling back to normal. In affect it is just plain water loss, much as weight gain last week was from the build up.

The guys both have seemed to found what I lost, gaining 3.4 lbs each. With my son it is due to a lack of exercising because of mom's really crappy knee. Yes he should take responsibility for his own activity, but he is still very much a creature of his surroundings. If mom is sitting , so is he. Hubby is attributing his gain to some of the choices of sides he made with this weeks lunches.

We have all mutually decided that while clean eating is healthier, for us it appears to be counterproductive to weight loss, so we are going to go back to using things like the 100 calorie backs and so forth. We were actually losing when we were using them, and when we began to focus on healthy rather than portioned we stalled. I don't know why, but there it is. And now that my knee is less painful, I am considering trying to do more tai chi insteasd of walking. Walking and yoga may be "good" for weight loss, but if it injures your joints to the point of forcing you to be sedimentary, in the long run it is not so good.

So back to the drawing board !


Amalily said...

I like having the 100 calorie packs around its alot easier to grab one of the packs instead of having to figure out everything. I hope your knee troubles stay gone.

karen said...

I make up 100 calorie packs for me & Johnny using those cute little snack size ziploc-type baggies which we can find at the dollar store. Tends to be a lot cheaper and (for us, anyway) safer!