Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Planning and pedometers

Nice when you get a pedometer in the right position. It says yesterday I was a worker ant. Wonder if I can make happy dancing gazelle or something today ??

Menu planing for next week, and I am trying to break out of the rut. Going to experiment making crazy pizza with a non dairy cheese and make a turkey in the crockpot because they are so cheap. I think they have gone on sale because so many people deep fry them these days here. Strawberries, mangos and fresh okra are in abundance and cheap here- perhaps I should try to experiment with okra this week ?


Rosie said...

Did you recently start wearing a pedometer? I wear a WW one everyday... I LOVE IT! Yesterday total I walked 10.11 miles! Crazy.

I wish turkeys were cheap over here...

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Just got mine on Saturday- it is the Nintendo DS Personal Trainer Walking. You upload the daa at the end of the day and it stores your info. No numbers visible, just a little plastic square that straps on your waist, blinks red till you reach your target steps for the day and then it blinks green. You find the number that you did when you upload it at night. Disadvantage is there is no way to calibrate. Advantage is there is no way you can accidental hit the reset and lose all your data.