Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Better Day

Woke up with my back feeling much better, but my knee still painful. As much as I would like it to just instantly be perfect, it's not going to happen. So I just ried to do a lot of small spurts of walking to ease back into a little more intense working. I took care of some studies and menu planning, and made myself get up and walk every 30 min for at least 3 min. It's wimpy, it's baby steps, but it is moving !

Breakfast was banana oats instead of pumpkin oats. My verdict ? Way too sweet ! Tomorrow morning I will go back to pumpkin oats.
Lunch was a creation designed to use the leftover pork roast from Sunday. I used a LaTortilla tortilla, some baby greens, sliced pork roast and mixed some cranberry walnut chutney with mayonnaise. Pretty good combo if i must say so myself. Carrots, a pack of smartfood and a white peach comleted the meal.

Dinner was one of the house favorites- baked lemon chicken. You coat the chicken breast with a mix of flour, baking soda and paprika, bake on a high heat and serve with a sweet lemon sauce. Green beans and mixed whole grain rice on the side.

JC asked for my gelatto recipe, and to be honest I am still working on perfecting it. The batch I made on Sunday was like this - makes 3 pints

Super Chocolate Vegan Gelatto

2 cups non dairy liquid creamer( soy)
2 cups Almond Milk
1/2 cup agave syrup ( helps to keep the gelatto from freezing solid)
1/4 c brown sugar
2 t corn starch
1/3 cup dark cocoa powder
1 T vanilla extract
1 bar lindt dark chcolate with bitter orange and almond, broken in small peices

In a pan combine the brown sugar, cornstarch and brwon sugar. Slowly whisk in the coffee creamer to dissolve the cornstarch. Place on a low heat, stir constantly and add the almond milk and agave syrup. Bring to a light boil , remove from heat, add vanilla extract and choclate bar, stir till melted. Chill in refrigerator for 8-24 hours. Process in ice cream freezer according to directions and place in freezer to harden for 3 hours

And now a miracle has occured- Nick requested that we have Jello poke cake for our splurge this week and not gelatto. I have been trying to break him of the ice cream habit for 2 years, and it looks like it may finally be happening !

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