Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainbow Sundae

One of those days where it was just kind of lay low and catch up on projects. Still very achy, but managed to get in some easy walks. Moving hurts but not moving will hurt worse !

Breakfast was our Sunday usual- crock pot grains in pumpkin ( steel cut oats, barley, whole wheat and millet). Topped with a sort of different assortment for me- crasins, ground flax, dried papaya, candy coated sunflower seeds , coconut and olive oil. I still have a lot of fun mixing all the toppings in the bowl for some reason.

Breakfast always holds us over for a long time. Lunch was kind of at request by the guys

Roast beef on hoagie roll with baby spinach, carrot sticks, a bananna and sun chips. It's another really filling lunch !

We caught Madea goes to jail on pay per view ( cute), and while we were watching we indulged in our favorite once a week splurge- gelatto. These days I make our own - a vegan variety

Dark chocolate bitter orange homemade vegan gelato- it was very good !

Dinner was an easy crockpot meal- pot roast with colored potatoes

pork roast with carrots , baby yukon gold, baby blue and baby white potatoes with carrots. Yummy! Here is one of the blue potatoes cut in half- they are actually purple.
Going to watch some reality tv tonight and try to turn in early !

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OMG...colored potatoes!!! I love those purple potatoes but can only rarely find them. I'm sitting here channeling your tastebuds wishing I could find a place that sells purple potatoes on a more than once or twice per year basis.