Sunday, July 12, 2009

Speed bump

Enter a new speed bump in the road.

My father died of breast cancer in 2004, and since then my mom has been dealing with Dementia , and what was most likely a nervous breakdown from my dad passing. They spent 42 very happy years together and were soul mates in every sense of the word. Since dad passed, there have been numerous problems with the house, and my mother for numerous reasons kept choosing to allow my brother to make repairs. Let us just leave it at the fact that my brother may mean well, but is not a contractor and often cuts corners where they should never be cut. For various reasons we have not been able to make it up there in a while, and my sister has not been communicating with me often because of her own extremely busy life between her own girls and the day to day things with my mom. The other day we got to talking and compared notes about some really weird dreams we were both having. To my sister weird dreams can mean something, but in my practice I often receive messages from my ancestors and spiritual guides in dreams. The fact that we were both having similar dreams meant something, and I made arrangements to go up there and spend the day. There were other obvious factors to deal with as well. I went up , prepared to face one thing, and figured that it would be the main focus of the day.

Wrong ! Within 30 seconds the whole picture changed. First off, my mother no longer recognizes me and looked at me as if I was a stranger invading her home. And if that was not enough , within the next 30 minutes I discovered that they are dealing with a serious toxic mold problem. And there are no resources to deal with it. There has always been a mold problem there, but due to various moves and corners cut by my brother, the mold has exploded, and the only solution may be to totally gut the house.

It makes the whole being stuck at the same weight and dealing with dietary changes to reverse autism seem like easy problems that can be solved in 30 seconds. So last night when we had dinner at 8pm( 3 hours later) I really didn't care what I ate.


JC said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is another thing about mid-life is caring for aging parents. Both my parents died before we had to make those decisions. Do you think your Mom didn't recognize you because of her condition or because you have lost weight and don't look the same? It must be very painful for you, I can only imagine. My prayers of with you for your Mom's health and her living situation. I have several blog buddies going through the same thing with parents in varing stages of dementia

Anonymous said...

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